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Retro Experience

My first time shrooming was on Valentine's Day.

My first time shrooming was on Valentine's Day... I had been looking forward to the experience for a long time. There was about six of us shrooming that day everyone was experienced except me. I had no clue what to expect, I thought it would be similar to feeling stoned...boy was I wrong. After dosing we passed a joint around and waited for the shrooms to kick in. It seemed that everyone was feeling the effects...numbness, light-headedness...but I had no clue as to what I was feeling, because I wasn't feeling anything except stoned. We decided to hit a pub for a bit, and this is when everyone started peaking but I still had not felt anything different. Everyone was describing their trips to me and I was feeling quite disapointed. I had looked forward to this moment for so long and nothing was happening.

The pub was getting dry so we went back to my friends place where we smoked hash. About 4 bottle tokes later I was in absolute bliss from the hash. I got really comfotable on the couch and even had a blanket and a pillow. Someone put some Retro music on and at this point I was thinking what a waste the shrooms were...the hash and weed are all I need!

The bottle came around to me again and I declined the offer because I was quite happy. However, my friend insisted I take it. He was trying to temp me into taking another hit by saying how good it was and how much I wanted it. I started playing along with him and put the blanket covers over my head yelling "no more, no more" This joking continued until for no reason I started crying uncontrollably. My friends thought I was laughing..and I was at first, but now I was bawling. I looked up and he was still standing in front of me with the bottle and I started getting scared. The room changed and was really big now and everyone looked strange, it seemed their arms and legs had gotten shorter. I was still crying at this point, "why wasn't this guy leaving me alone? why is he being so mean and making me cry?" was all I was thinking. I was rolling myself into a ball to hide from this guy but he still wouldn't leave me alone.

My friend decided that it was time to take me home. I didn't say bye to anyone because I was too mad and didn't want to speak to them ever again for making me cry. The drive home was bizzare I didn't recognize any streets. Somehow I managed to get into my room and into my bed, this is when I peaked.

My entire room got really big and so did my bed. My body seemed to feel so much smaller. I was too small for this big bed. I closed my eyes and I started to trip harder. My mind took me back into the thoughts and dreams from my childhood. I was dreaming all my childhood dreams over agian. I was rather enjoying it, becuase it had been so long. It was sort of like watching a television rerun from the 80's. It was fun until my mind took me to the thoughts I had when i was a child. I hope I'm not the only one who at one point as a child, felt that my parents were mean and I wanted to run away. But, I'm sure everyone went through this sort of stage at some point in their life. Well, I was reliving it against my will. I started crying again, remembering the times when my dad made me cry as a child. At this point I wanted the trip to end because I didn't want to think about these depressing thoughts anymore. But, it continued all night. All night I felt like I was four-years old again.

THE experience. whole the for trigger been have must It room. in playing was that music Retro is of think can I reason only The sad. so me get to day Valentine's on happened what wondering were and me, change noticed parents My deperessed. incredibly experience this after days two next>I figure shrooms aren't for me. I don't like "not knowing." When you are stoned or drunk you know it...and you have pretty much some control over the situation. But when you are peaking, it is like nothing else...it all seems too real!!! That is probably the biggest problem I have with it, not knowing what is real.

But, I will probably try it again. Maybe the next time I will have a much Happier experience.

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