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retard in fanity

ok .

ok ......My first trip was back in july of 02 with a few friends and we all got together and disided to try shrooms.well around 8:30pm i poped in a gram and thats when the journey began.30 or 40 mins after that I got up and went to the bathroom by the time i got in there i forgot why i went in there. So i went to my friends room.when i got in there he turned on some music and invited some fined girls over. went they got there thats when the drug really started to kick in. Every thing seemed distorted and colorful. thin i saw a little kid running around outside I continued to see him running around outside all threw the night it was haunting and fearful. It may have just been the shroom i guess. then after a while i came up with a plan I disided i would go outside to catch this disterbed little retarded boy. So i did. I went outside to catch him the mission was to through him into the fan and cut him into little peaces.The basterd ended up to be a dawm dog. I really dont remember anything after that. The end.

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