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I spose' I must have renewed myself somewhat this Friday night.

I spose' I must have renewed myself somewhat this Friday night.

Earlier on Friday afternoon I felt a little tired and even posted a message saying that I could completely understand the 'STP' line that says' "My sole is worn thin". A few hours after I posted that I recieved a phone call from some friends and got invited to what turned out to be a jack-o-lantern carving party. They inquired if I could aquire some P.Cub. and I said that could be arranged ... little did I know that none of these people had ever tripped before. I found it rejuvenating to host these people on their first trip ever! The vibe was good at the party ... out of ten people at the party six of them (not including myself) wanted to try it out. I dosed them all on 2grams and things got rolling along rather quickly. Most of the people that munched the shrooms also had been smoking pot all evening leading up to this; Not I though, it confuses me too much to combine the two from the get go (too much energy). My friends apartment is right next to 6th street here in Austin, TX ... 6th street is a wild place on the weekend. Nightclub after nightclub ... lights and sounds ... stumbling drunks ... lots of people giving off the good vibe, and others have an absolutely evil aura.

I went for a walk around downtown Austin with my date for the evening ... the night was misty with rain, so everything was glossy and the feeling of the mist on our faces was a real treat. We walked for miles I'm sure ... after walking for an hour and a half we went back to the party and the others seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. Interesting note: I would not call their experience 'ethnogenic' ... these people whom I know in Austin are not where I'm at--not to sound elitist, but I feel that I am much more serious about tripping/meta programing ... They were defintely having a good time but I think that they felt restrained by some of the people that weren't tripping. It wasn't a situation of 'us an them', but one of my friends commented that if they weren't there or everyone was tripping he would have been running around the appartment naked (I got funny visuals off that idea). Unfortunately the dose they had wasn't enough for all of them to be 'opened' ... some told me that they felt like a different person. I loved seeing what I'd been reading happen ... lately I've been reading 'storming heaven'. Watching these people trip for the first time totally took me back to when I was 15 and eating LSD with some friends on a friday afternoon. The voice in my head has only gotten louder since ... stressful at times, but most people that know me comment on how together I am. Lately I've been good at keeping my personal demons at bay, infact I think I destroyed some of them the other night. Rejuvenated is how I feel.

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