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rediculous connections

they say u should trip with people ur very comfortable with.

they say u should trip with people ur very comfortable with. fuk that. trip with people u dont know. and u will know them like ur best friend by the end of the night. any way. 4 of us ate shrooms, and a shit load of vitamin C, 500mg pills. probly 7-8 each. we passed the anticipation time by drawing on walls. once one of us started tripping we leftthe house we were in and walked around in puplic, down to a local park, by this point light and colors were becoming vivid, bright and beautiful for al of us. the walk took us about 20 minutes (normally a 5 minute walk) due to continuous stoping and distractions. we walked throught some baseball fields, looked at the sky, and there was a ninja turtles face in it, it was exactly the same as the real turtle.. crazy shit.. sky was amazing purple pink orange and constantly changing shapes. we walked further and started spinning in circles.. u should all try this. with eyes open and closed, its amazing. i looked at the trees which were incasing the fields. and they were 2 simentional moving figures. looked almost like they were lit up. chilled by the river and smoked delish tobacco and played in the sand a little. aprox. an hour after eating at this point, stil not peaked.. but we left the beachy area and begun our venture back up to the house where we came from. on the way up. cars were incredibly wierd. and it looked like they were moving realy slowly, they also has trails behind them. on our way up. some wierd guy was running. he had no running clothes on or anything, i didnt understand his intentions at all and the four of us broke out in hardcore uncontollable laughter. i felt bad, but he kept running. right after that a po po drove by us.. very shady. anyway we got to our cars and while i was waiting i looked into the asphalt very deeply, and noticed that the small rocks were tansforming into faces, symbols and unknown shit. it was moving a lot too. i got into my car and we drove to another house to chil. ddriving was fun, a little tough, but fun. distance was very distorted and i kept seeing light flashing around in my peripheral vision. my friends mom gave us wine. and we were all fully tripping by this point so we watched some tv and the faces were mad fucked up. like stretched and morphed and just crazy fucked. it made us laugh. commercials were funny, and so was t.v because we werent laughing with it. but at it.. thats ho wmuch tv sucks ass. an hour latr we ended up in the road playing with magnets and sprinting in bare feet. we looked at lots of bugs, probly for about 30 mins. we tried to feed them and help them meet new bug friends. we were outside for 2 hours i bet. just talking about wierd shit, mainly theories and whatnot climbing trees, and writing fucked up stuff that was going through our minds. the gorund was morphing and everything was breathing at me, hallucinations wre dying out though. so we went back inside after sitting in some shrubs for a long time. we watched more tv. and played with mor magnets and talked more. all in all it was an awesome trip. oh and on the way home i drove through thick fog,, it was the most beautiful fog i had ever seen. thank u phylocin

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