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Real Time Trip Report

all i have to do is focus on the keys for a minute, you knoever know what I'll actually be tyoing.

all i have to do is focus on the keys for a minute, you knoever know what I'll actually be tyoing. i like the way the keys kind of type for themselves sorta. the music is incredible. but i go into these trances about my hands typing. my body seems to react pwerfectly with the music. i can't remember what day it is or was or shalll be. i kind of like the lodsss of reality. perhaps I'll print this in my page. you never know if what i am typing is actuallly the ttrue test for attention defficit disorder or more appropriatly dyslexiz.a you iknow what i mean. i have a hard time seeing how words should be spelled. or said. it's like my math....makes me feel really old sometimes. i bet my eyes will feel really tired in the moring. this music is totall y fucked up./...a true listening experience. I'm glad that I don't have the movie SCREAM...kinda always looking in a window...now I'm thinking of how to describe things you hear and how they interact with your thoughts and create colors.... i also like the way words look on the screen . things are so flat in real life, so tv like thi8s is truly a trip toy. my hair was a trip toy, and touching my own body was a trip toy and closing my eyes. this type stuff is flowing a little easier now. kind of automatically translating my thoiooughts int o little punches on a keyboard. but more natural now. my eyes are going a million places a minute. the words look like how i feel but slower andf in fron of me. like a mirror kind of in that its you but you not. the fractal logo at for the shroomery was alive. i saw faces all over it and still see them in my head. my mind os one big trip...but I iknow this music is waaay out there and is cool. make sure to drink nectar. the words kinda don't say all that i feel or what or where. the music is a flowing emothion, not single songs that happened to be placed against each other. a real emotion, people telling me their stories. its like shes sitting mehind me and telling me the true story. and i'm imagining myself reading this later not feeling the connection and not being able to translate their thoughts to words quite in the same way. perfect typing when you're not quite thinking about it. but i am too, wondering if my fingers went somewheres already and i'm just remember ing funn or if theres an extra space like there is in the magazine just a few words earlier. why a magazine. I'm totaally fucked up..no where to stop...the story is telling medide me and the words are alivce in fromnt of me. ill illllliiiii looks funny. they kinda step out. the music stopped...wierd...gonna have to change. or go smoke another bowl...it reeeeeeally enhances it beyond anything before experienced, or worth mentioneing experienced. now the music... my hands look rreally tiny on the keyboard all of a sudden. like my face was in the mirror, only backwards. in the mirror i was getting...puffier. like my sweatshirt was inhaling...blowing up with air. poooofing. they were big for a second and are gradually geting smaller. . i can feel all the vibrations in my wrists all the way y up through my body. its best when theres no one to worry about. i know theres no way that mom and sis are coming ome..they're soooo far away. this time i seem to have such a firm touch with reality. i think that is a good but limiting thing. like i know what it is like to be totally sober but choose not to be. theis is soo cool, now the keys are caverous. or somehow they are reminding me of indiana Jones and the last crusade...or whichever one happened to be most reccent. the music is really awesome. its supposed to be in the back of my mind, but its still a living story, its really cooool. i keep forgeting to breath...so then i remember and then i yawn because yawning is a forced method of breathing. ahikes nothing is making sense right now, except reality, but that isna't somthing you can type about. but i'm not in reality. god the words are incredible. i see towers and patterns...waves in the text and in my head, but deffinitly with mention of the music. the music is everywhere. the words move and sway and you see the thoughtts...i should stop now cuxzzz i have to try to submit his which is still in notepad not in the page in the sumbission part ahhh the shroomery is such an awesome sight. not enough people submit trip reports this way i'm totally tripping out on my keyboard and on the music and how my thoughts are like fluid in my fingers. then the music changes. i think my fingers are supposed to feel wet, they kinda do and they don't know why thery are goihg where they're goihg i can't type anymore, i'm going to try to submit this. god you just can't pull yourself away. i would not be aboe to talk . i can hardly write. i can't act in front of people right now. i want another bowl i think. submit the page. aaaiiieeeeeea! my thoughts are in the computer....its so wierd. but ok too..i like the way the counter goes in a circle like it would in real life, kinda rotates itself. it used to be so high, and now its down in the 7000s or something. i wonder if this is too much of a tibute...to the Shroomery, but it is such a cool page. submit...move the page...too much reality .now i've got it stuck in the little box on the page. i'm not gonna re read this because i want it to be sent in and make permanant. i feel like i'm naked and lying in front of a higher seducor, and its singing to me. this portishead cd (callecd portishead) is absolutely incredible. i'm glad i haven't listened to it much before, or at least i hadn't "Felt" it. i reall ylike this reality i'm in, i wish you could comevisit. if this sight, and the opening label/logo wasnb t just the coolest damn thing i ever saw in my life...shit...and this CD is so fucked too! wwwooooww...it occured to me that you never can tell through the trip reports what a person is, wether it is male or female...well, i guess one can tell to a degree, but you know. so, i am a female. i'm 20. i keep losing my track of thought it goes with the muic. its 3:19am on , Saturday i think. i think i took my first dose at around, i don't remember. 12. what a cool fuz of memory that was thouhg. mushrooms are just imazong...yikes, my typos look kinda finny. funny. he he he he sssssubmit....very coooolll... if only you could see my mind. ahhhh this is going to be amazing to reread too. that would be funny if someone figured out who i am and like sent me email. ahhh ha ha ha...damn. that would be embarrasingf. *gigggle*maybe I'll show that guy i love so much. maybe i'll shut up soon. wwblllaaaahhh...... the pictures are really 3D, and they're handpainted and stuff...wow......goodbye, goping to submit this now. really. *click* that didn't happen. that didn't work...but I still felt it...he he he THIS is going to be SOOOO hilarous. I love mushrooms. I love the Shroomery...ahhhhhhhh

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