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trip 1st time, yes!

Alright, like all other reports.

Alright, like all other reports... I am 19 (18 at time of trip) i have smoked pot, hash, opium, E and always wanted acid but never could get it. I always since i found out about mushrooms since i was about 14 tried to get them but could never get them till one day they appeared before me...

It was aug 16 02, and i woke up and my friend... um "ted" called me and asked if i wanted to go to a soulfly concert so hearing this i was like hell yeah i wanna go so i showered and got dressed and left to go buy my tickets. a bunch of stuff happened after that blah blah...

finally it was time to leave home to go to the concert (about 2 hours away)so i went to teds house where his girlfriend jaz and her friend sal were gonna meet us. they showed up and we started driving i got to sit in the front with sal who was the driver because jaz wanted to sit in back with my good friend ted. So we started driving and jaz and sal had said they had to stop at their work which was about 25 minutes away from where we were, but it was all good because it was on the way. We were thinkin of ways to get smashed for the concert, jaz was hoping to steal some wine or something from work. so we get to their work and im walkin around the kitchen and stuff lookin at all the food they had when jaz came up and told me she just got some shrooms for like 10 bucks off this chick that works there. so i was like fuck yeah. We went back to the truck and drove away and she split the bag of shrooms in half. There didnt appear to be very much i only ate like 2 caps and a couple stems. so i was all set on just getting a good buzz or something we drove for about 15 minutes to a gas station while sal was fillin up her tank i asked my friend ted if he would smoke some weed with me inorder to make the trip better. so with the shrooms still having yet to kick in we ran up in the woods behind the gas station and smoked a bowl real real fast like there were no breaths in between hits it only took about a minute to finish the bowl. we ran back down to the truck and even the high hadnt time to set all the way in yet, i sat in the front seat feeling the first bake of the day starting to creep in

I layed back just being stoned and wondering when the shrooms were gonna kick in if they were at all. about 5 minutes into the high i was looking around noticing a growing interest in things so i wondered hmmm could they be working or is it just cause im real high so i just sat there and waited some more another minute passed and i got this crazy sense that something wasnt the same yet the feeling was very familar even though i have never taken shrooms before. i get a sense that something was intruding my body (the mushrooms) so i started to smile cause i knew they were starting, but how far they would go i didnt know
the music that was playing was puya it was crazy to hear cause if you know this band they have a lot of coffee house like spanish stuff so it was real crazy my mind was captured by every site and every thought... i kept thinkin in my head "are they kicking in"... what if they arent... what if it doesnt work... what if this and what if that then i was like hmm i am asking a lot of questions to myself so i knew they had begun. the road seemed to breath as we drove and the trees all leaned in towards me as we passed they all seemed to be dancing to the music. they even appeared to have faces... everything out the window (nature) was alive it was so beautiful to just look at nature everything i looked at was soo amazing. at this point i knew i was on shrooms there was no misplacing it. i had such a hard time to fight a smile the whole time watching everything. my mind was going 100 mph thinkin of everything it could. dissecting everything about the world and just thinking of weird crazy things... just seeing things clear for the first time basically. time started to get distorted 5 minutes didnt really matter from a minute. watching everything going on i kept forgetting that that wasnt really how the world was, that i took shrooms to see the 'real world' a lot of time passed i guess, at the time it could have been 10 minutes for all i know, but in reality it was like an hour and a half, but i realized that holy shit i was on my way to a concert i forgot all about it, and soon i would have to get out and and interact with the people in this world (forgetting that not everyone felt the way i do) anyways we got to the place of the concert and i was still trippin good, i stepped out of the truck for the first time since the trip started and my legs felt so loose and rubbery. watching my friends walk looked real funny to me, everyone looked to be warped or crooked in a way almost rubber-bandish. i laughed and just kept following them. i followed everywhere they went cause there was no simple tasks on shrooms so without them there for my every move i would have been lost. actually that was my fear the whole time we arrived was them losing me or me having to figure stuff out like giving the people my ticket with out their help. so i stayed close. we walked a long ways to sals friends that were their cause they had some stuff to drink (alcohol)so we got their and they were all drinking beer and or some kind of mixed drink like vodka in coke, one of the guys went in his car and pulled out a bottle of sprite i was like yess! something to drink... because i was fucking thirsty.

ted, jaz, and sal passed the bottle of sprite around i couldnt wait till it got to me because i was so damn wanting some nice soda to quench my thirst. they didnt pass it to me and i got sad that my friends would not let me get in on the drinking of the soda so i reached my had to sal which had the bottle in her hand and she amazed said "you want some" and she waved it in front of me... i said to her that yeah i want some" cause i was so fuckin thirsty so i get the bottle in my hand and start to unscrew the top and licking my lips i get ready to put the bottle up to my mouth it goes up and hits my lips and i take a huge mouth full of sprite and it kinda burned my tongue and i was thinking maybe it was cause i heard shrooms heighten your senses so i thought my tast buds were sensitive to the carbon. but i then realized real quick while it sat in my mouth that i was a dumb fuck that why the hell would they get excited to meet some people to drink soda! i then knew i had a fuckin mouth full of alcohol i swallowed it hard i got a little nervous that the alcohol would be bad with shrooms but i said eh oh well since jaz had also takin some shrooms and was drinking too, but she seemed to not even be phased by the shrooms, i could barely get words to come out or fuckin walk good or handle the smallest task.

after talking with sals friends we walked in front to the builidng of the concert we went across the street from the entrance and sat on some benches... i sat there lookin across the street at the crowed of people waiting to get in they all just fit real well with my trip. if you know soulfly you know what kind of people it attracks. so all the weird long haired people and the crazy color hair was just real awesome, finally we lined up to go in... i had no idea what line we were in i just knew i had to stay close to my friends. i just remembered to myself ok i need a ticket so whatever line im in if i have my ticket all will be ok. iwas next in line and noticed that it wasnt even the people to give tickets to, it was the security people patting people down, cause i was on shrooms it scared the fuck outta me that i was gonna get patted down, but i shortly realized that i had nothing on me, i got up to the lady patting people down... it was a lady cause some how i ended up in the LADIES line... haha anyways i get up to her and she tells me that the chain on my neck isnt allowed in... i look at her blankly and say "um what" she says i cant go in there with my chains on and to go out and hide them or throw them away or something. so i decided hmm i will just stand here and wait for my friends to bail me out, well i realized the world wasnt REALLY how i perceived it at that moment so i managed to walk back outside and i was thinkin fuck im gonna lose my friends im all fucked up on shrooms and dont know what the hell to do (see there was no simple task as to hmm just hide the damn things) there was no way i was gonna throw my chain away, i knew this, but i didnt know what else to do i kinda had a moment with my chain as i had it in my hand and stared at it thinkin this was my final moments with my chain, i realized all i had to do was hide the mother fucker so i went to the garbage and placed it underneath the garbage thing cause there was a space between it and the ground. i got back in the line and was ready to walk in this time i got patted down and all was ok i walked in to the next line and handed my ticket to the person at the end of it. my friends had waited for me yayy so we all went in the place together and the lights and the sound of the music was so fucking cool, it was great, but at that point i was pretty much on my way down i just rocked out till the end of the show

overall great first trip the whole time i was thinking "and for a first time i wanted to get like a level 4 trip" fuck that the feeling of shrooms is way too intense if you dont have experience with it, i wouldnt recommend going to any kind of show for a first time shroomin cause its more intense than you probly picture in your head

awesomeness it was

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