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ralfydogs beautiful starlight trip

It's about six in the morning right now.

It's about six in the morning right now. Listening to the doors right now, love street song. I'm tripping so it's hard to write, but I'll try. i just want to share the beautiful walk i just took with you all. I took an eighth around three thrirty AM. I'm alone tonite. I'm a big guy (about 265) and i tripped on my homegrown shrewms just yesterday for the first time.
Ok anyways (hard to stay on topic) Theres a nice walking trail about five blocks from my appartment. It's out in the country, where the city lights lose there bright night glow. i threw on my nice wool pettycoat as its low fifties outside tonite, and started walking. (hard to write, really really happy) everything was so beautiful, the way the streetlights played on the trees leaves, giving them such a beautiful and deep texture and glow. I never really appreciated all the beautiful landscaping people have in their yards along the way to the trail. the gravel road along the way was crunchy and bumpy and the stars were amazing. I finally got to the streetlight lit start of the trail, no curfew on it, sweet.
the stars were alive in there own way as i watched them pass through the darkly romantic tree branches stretched out into the starry night. there was mist on the tips of the cornfields, like east tennessee. the mist soaking up the stars soft glow. i remember walking over a coarse wood bridge and looking down at the starlit creek below, white branches stretching up from the dark waters. so calm so beautiful so still so amazing so peaceful so happy so happy so happy. so happy
i hope you enjoyed my little starlight trip. i hope it gave you just a little bit of mushroom happy.
please comment on it please say something. thank you

happy so happy happy happy the happy is so wonderful

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