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This was the second most frightening experience of my life.

This was the second most frightening experience of my life. The first on a sort of rotten egg and a 1/4oz blunt between two people on my way to ozzfest. Interesting what i learned from that. Well anyway, it was last october. My friend were roommates at my apartment. A little room with two couches a bed a bathroom and a kitchen. I was about to get evicted the next day. All that day I was with different family members. I must of eaten five meals that day, and felt as fat as a pig. Lets call him dave. Well dave said "Hey i can get mushrooms." and we were sold first we split an eight because he was broke. so i ate it and before i finished these little brown caps with blue veins i was feeling it. Again half an 1/8th. It took about 5 minutes to eat it. I was like wow thats never happened before.... well i got the mild stoning effect with light visuals. So my friend john comes up and buys one and i buy another. this time i eat the entire thing and they split it up accordingly. Sooner or later we all get realy hit, the rooms breathing. I get extremely excited and want to go for a walk. I was like screaming on top of my lungs having soooo much fun. i couldnt put on my trenchcoat. it was like a blanket. impossible to penetrate. well i left not wearing it by myself kuz they didnt want to leave. i sat outside and the trees looked crazy. they twisted around moved ways trees shouldnt. the grass was like green and yellow and pink electrical waves all moving towards me. realy realy cool.....
then she came outside. the girl that was getting me evicted. i was like wtf.. im my own worst enemy, im tripping the night before i go see my landlord... whatever i went for a walk. i got to a main street and i stopped right in the middle of a heavily lighted corner. im like wait im too trashed to speak.... i tried to word out marlboro reds.. i sounded lithuanian. it was bad. i also felt like someone was lighting me on fire. so i decided to walk back home..... well my friends trashed the joint. oh i forgot to mention dave has a broken leg. when i came in the room was green. the couches moved to the center of the room. both of them extremely loud and annoying. im thinking cops are gonna come. johnny locked himself into the bathroom. i finaly got into the room and the first thing i said adrenochrome trip from fear and loathing..... hes got a towel over his head looking into the mirror with a cigarette in his mouth the only thing he was missing was a blue suit and a pair of big sunglasses. i laughed and he runs up and grabs my face. dude its so creepy when you cant see... im like close your eyes i DARE you... well i got him out and then i had to vomit. so i did a little short one. then i yelled at them for trashing the place. then i went outside on the phone. talked and went and puked on the side again. im like this isnt good. thats when it hit me. my face came right off to the ground with it. suddenly this metallic looking guy is puking right back up at me this neon bright metallic green. he looked like a punkrocker with a mohawk. it was cool cuz inbetween my breaths he bubbled up like the t-1000 from terminatorII. well i stopped myself and went backinside. both of them were freaking out and dave is swinging his crutch at the homer head hanging from a noose with a mechanical eye... lmao. well i stop him put the homer head in a drawer. it was realy bright. so i turned off the lights pink floyd was on. well i sit on my purple couch(suppose to be green and flower patterns) realy cool to the flowers were coming off it too. so i then close my eyes and think. then this chaotic world of blood and gore came into vision. this was scary. it was like in akira at the end when he turned into the revolting blob. but a million times more carnage per square inch. skulls coming up and eating eyes. things that appeared cancered being ripped apart. just complete chaos and destruction. so i get up and look around. wow i said. and for some reason johnny was outside. he came in and started talking some nonsense and puts a song on. goes back out. i lay down because i felt so heavy. i think the pink floyd had something to do with alot of this. very slow slow song was playing. and i layed down. and felt short. then it was like i was going through stephen hawkings theory of a black hole. time stopped. literaly felt like forever. i got realy long like spaghetti then was ripped into peices and came back to the chaos to consume me. i suddenly came back into this snot like experience. i felt mucassy and slow. my arms wrapped around me twice and put my fingers into my nose i curled into a ball and saw this picture of me in complete distortion. an artist i cant think of drew a picture like it. my nose was enourmous and consumed a large deal of my thought. and then i snapped out of it by myself and sat up. dave's expeirience was the drop kicked bongs mark kept on coming to the floor during my experience. kinda like mine too but not as crazy. then i stood up. i felt weird and i couldnt keep my nose from sending out this slime. so i started to throw it on the ground used tissues and stuff. then everyone was with me doing it. i tasted like a salt shaker. so i got this bucket and we were putting the slime in it. then i got sick. i went into my room and looked at my bed. it looked like quicksand sinking into itself. it was also a bum bed just an old mattress and a blanket. so it realy looked like it was the floor. i turned on some tool realy low. and kept getting yelled at for it till i gave up and kept listening to pink.. it was aggrivating me. theres only so much i could take from that. well i then got the urge another session worshipping the porcelin god. i stood up. and where my door was changed. it became like a door from the neitherworld from beatlejuice where the the preist was gonna mary beatlejuice and her... i looked to the left and the wall became a pile of skulls i looked into my other room and they were barbaric monsters but sounded like dave and john. i stepped into the doorway of the bathroom and this jester skull black as death comes down and laughs at me licks my face and tries to talk to me. i got so sick i pushed it aside and ran to the toilet. it looked like a monster wurm. this thing started eating me while i did my bussiness. i was soo very sick now. i couldnt stand being digested anymore and closed my eyes again. the world of chaos came back. it was cool kuz there was some crazy song that went with it. like a music video. so then i finish. probably 20 minutes later but im still sick so i sit down on that rug that you let your dog sleep on. so i keep on getting up doing the dirty. then i feel empty and weak. i layed down on the rug unable to get out of the room. after i turned on the light. and i went crazy. trying to figure out the puzzle of my life there must be the answer to the sufferring i endure all the time. i have a seriously difficult life. dont argue about that. so i end up rambling bull like names places things i liked the very few things that were there. it was gibberesh then i became completly alone. i was scared there was no more anything. the light went back off. and i was laying on the ground. then dave starts asking me stuff. and i answer. and then i became extremely enraged. i got very angry and hateful but didnt want to show it to dave. then he asked where are we? and i was like purgatory!!! because the ramblings were with great hallucinations of impossibilities. "there is no explaining the terror i felt". then someone turned the light on. visuals stopped i thought i came down completly. then back to the melting. this was very blurry part of the trip ill try to explain it the best i could its definatly out of order. i went to the computer to change the songs. when i put my hands on the keyboard all the keys scurried away looking like little pill bugs. so someone else changed it for me. we played with some visual program too. you know while you play music. then i was laying at the end of my bed rubbing my face into the carpet in complete horror while this lady for the red cross was talking on the answering machine. she spoke the same sentence 3 times in a row 3 times in the same speaking. very confusing. the phone kept on ringing. they were playing with fire wouldnt stop either. they were burning stuff and i could barely stand. i got prank called by these girls i know. disturbing. very disturbing. couldnt stop it kuz i couldnt take the cord out of the wall. didnt go for the answering machine power didnt understand that. i layed back down in my bed. and became extremely arroused as well as my friends. it was better than ecstacy ever could be. i have to say it was better than the first time i did heroin. yeah that good. i realy wished i had a girlfriend. so then it stopped. all good things die a horrible death. i dropped into this stage of coldness. i felt like i froze to death to a point. and then i became warm again, and i began to rot all the way into the skeleton. like i was out in the woods. you know bugs things bugging you type thing, then i had a little projectile vomiting all over my blanket i dont use. and snapped out of it. wow that was hell. then back to the insane ramblings. and then a part of me came back during these ramblings unlike last time where they consumed me. but these ramblings i was speaking were of wisdom on how the earth was turning. and just weirdness that nothing ever changes life never stops and we are all just a great big beautiful sound of chaos.... yeah i dont know why that was in this beautiful sound but it was horrible all at the same time. like a massacre of something i dare not say if i want this to be published. but lets say terrorists did this already. i snap out of that happy as hell i feel completly normal and great i yelled a few times i had alot of fun. then i start tripping and getting all pissed off yelling at the people who pranked called me. it was 3 something at this time the prank call was hours ago like at 11. i start talking about how nothing can stop anything becuase it lacks the power even if you kill me you cant stop me ill just be somewhere else. its a different understanding of afterlife than what you think. trust me this is a big noise. it keeps going. and in the sick state of mind i was in was not helping all this fighting with everyone around me. i was wating for the town cop bully to come and find us tripping our balls off me in bed in a state of catatonia for 4 hours speaking nonsense. just wanting a gun. yeah this freshly dug into my mind it doesnt realy matter what happens. somehow somebody calmed me down. i ended up playing counter strike online. wow for being so messed up still i owned. and then after i told everyone that was yelling at me for being a jerk i told them where i lived my name my phone number. yeah then i came completly down. and went to sleep. i wonder if anyone actualy read this entire thing. the trip probably lasted 8-10 hours. the peak all together 6-7 very little time in between peaks like minutes. but i would of definatly enjoyed it more if i wasnt so sick. now i fear very little. except realy bad trips. but i have tripped agian. i did good for 5 hours and 2 hours did realy bad. but those two hours i proved god wrong. and parralel parked a car from the passenger seat drinking a beer. so i felt damn good. but yeah i dont know if im going to eat this strip of cid. well happy trails and word of advice, dont eat too much food then eat too much shrooms. weezle

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