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psilocybin summer

The mushwoom, in my opinion, is one of the most sacred materials on the face of this earth.

The mushwoom, in my opinion, is one of the most sacred materials on the face of this earth.To give you all a brief background of my experience: I am a very experienced cannabis user, and have occaisionally experimented with other softer drugs such as alcohol, DXM, and painkillers such as Hydrocodone and OxyContin. This past summer, I went to a dealer buddy of mine's house in the small town where I live in Northern Idaho. I had originally gone there with my girlfriend to obtain a half ouce of some good bud I heard he had gotten. As he was weighing my product and talking about it's quality and very heavy weight and such that dealer's like to ramble on about, I noticed a bag of stick looking things with big Caps mixed in, and very quicly realized that I was looking at a large quantity of mushrooms. As I tucked the bud into my pocket, I asked if he would sell me a couple trips worth. ( I knew at that time that around this area, weight is not a factor in the distribution of mushrooms... they are sold by the handfull) Anyway, he said he would let me try a dose, and if I liked them, I could come back and get more. I went to a friend's house across town and smoked some weed. As we smoked, the time just seemed perfect to try these blue sticks and caps I had just gotten. I asked my friend if he wanted to split them up, and he obliged. We ate the little nasty fuckers with orange juice, and we were both stoned to begin with and on empty stomachs. We talked and played around on the bass while listening to music for about 20 minutes. Very abruptly, I felt the pot wear off. It just happened. I didn't come down or anything. One minute, I was high, then next minute I wasn't. I asked my friend if the same thing had happened to him, and it hadn't. I said I thougt they were starting tocome on. About ten minutes later, I realized that I couldn't concentrate on the words of the music we were listening to. It just seemed like jumbled word and strange noises. Within the next five minutes, I started to notice strange patterns on wood, and the textured wall was rotating, but at the same time very clearly. I didn't feel high at all, but I had started to feel very excited and jumpy. I suggested that we go sit on the porch, as my friend was starting to feel the same effects, but very sick. We went on the porch/roof and sat in lawn chairs to smoke a cigaretted. Then it happened. I threw up, without warning. It tasted like chemicals (This freaked my buddy out). Then I noticed everything was very different. I saw huge patterns in the clear night sky, and thought the trees were all blowing in different directions when there was actually no wind that night. I went and laid in the grass to cool off because I was sweating very heavily at this point. I was thinking very strang things. I felt horny, but that I couldnt think about anything but what I was seeing. . Me and my friend decided to go for a walk through town. It was about 10 o' clock now, and it was dark out. There isn't lights in the street, but the moon was full and bright, and we thought it would be trippy. So on we walked down the street, seeing things for the firs time, yet recognizing them too. I noticed things about our town that I had never noticed before. I really appreciate things, like how our little town was a part of a little state that was a part of a great country, and that I was somehow a part of ity all. It made me feel really good about myself. Me and my friend didn't talk much, we were in our own little worlds, but yet together in our journey. We walked for about an hour and half in aimless directions around town, until we realized that we were both very sedated and just wanted to rest and talk about trippin'. We went back to Friend's house and sat on the couch watching MTV. I saw familiar videos, but it seemed like I could really understand them and hear the words far more clearlty. The room was alive now, too, with everyhting moving in and out and up and down and in circles. I decided to see I had any good closed eye hallucinations I had heard about\> I closed my eyes and blocked out every thing except for ny feelings and the music. It was completely darek. Then I thought for no reason at all of Donald Duck. I started seeing looney toons characters in my head. Then this branched out to cover any cartoon character that popped in to say hello. It was very strange. I then suddenly realized I had to look in the mirror. Something was wrong, and I had to check it out. I had been told not to look in the mirror while tripping, so instinctively I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was smiling the bigges sdcond grade picture smile I had ever seen, andf my pupile were the size of quarters. My mouth was very dry, yet watering. I looked at the countertop which is spoonge paint, and all the colors weemed to be crawling in and out over and under each other. It was very cool. M

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