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Prozac Nation - My ten cents.

Ever watched that Movie Prozac Nation?

Ever watched that Movie Prozac Nation?

How fitting that i watched it on drugs.

I had fasted for about three whole days.

My friend Julian brought over some Mushrooms that he grows and i ate them later in the evening.

I opened the lid of the growing jar that they were inside of, peeled off a slug that had made its home on the gills of one of the bigger ones, and popped them into my mouth one by one, chewing them slowly with a cup of boiled water.

My stomach seemed to welcome them, and straight away i started to make some music.

Thought it might be an idea to watch a movie and relax because seeing as i had not eaten in a few days I thought id take it easy and lie on the bed and watch 'Prozac Nation' that i had rented.

The light in my room had been turned off. Now 30 mins later I was aware that brighter, more colourful rays of light were sent from the television screen. Emanating in every direction from off of the image, these small thin piercing blades of light radiated into the darkness of the room.

I examined how extraordinary the hues were as they interacted in the glare, constituting a glow/aura the light which hummed softly.


I remember the girl in the movie takes many drugs and becomes very weary and depressive. Then she ends up taking more drugs (prescribed pharmaceutical ones) so as not to feel depressed all the time, and at first she has a go at the doctor for trying to push drugs 'legally,' but then later in the movie she just ends up giving in and taking the drugs.

This is seemingly portrayed as 'good' or 'allright' by the filmmaker, the movie just finishes after this and ends in an upbeat fashion... I remember thinking to myself "What is this blasphemous propaganda? What a shit movie and what an incredibly damaging and corrupt moral/message to send to vulnerable viewers who watch this crap."

I remember realizing that i was experienceing a lie and the synchronicity was, that; also: MY OWN drugtaking (parallell to the movie) was really making the pain of MY OWN day-to-day existance less harsh.

Okay so my 'mushroom experience' was quite useful, it really told me that just because human+beings as a race have MANY problems (personal and otherwise), that does'nt make it allright to allow drugs to be a SPIN DOCTOR and LIE to you ie. that drugs are 'okay' or even 'COOL' for your problems....and that living in a FOOLS paradice is okay, where the pain isnt so harsh, selfishly burying the problems that you HAVE to face one day, or SHOULD face.

I cant fathom the reckless ignorance of the MONSTERS behind this movie.

I agree, drugs and these 'magic' mushrooms CAN be a means to an end but apart from that they should be made absolutely needless, and seen as a trap. Saying that they are a 'tool' is a cop-out, because a tool can be abused..

Whether you know this for yourself or not, I would suggest that intense paranoia or 'Bad trips' are largely due to a subconscious knowledge of the real problem being that either your good voice (what you KNOW is right) or an OLD HURT is being buried away out of sight via the use of escapism and drugs. This movie is irresponsible and SO IS HOLLYWOOD and the people who control it. What Bullshit. What a blatant message of encouraging people to become irresponsible and endorsing apathy.

We ALL know what people have to deal with when they come STRAIGHT. What will happen then? More drugs to 'cure' the problem? what COWARDICE AND SELF-DECEPTIVE BULLSHIT.

Anyway i saw the wooden panel in the bathroom go all wavy, i dont know if i will ever do these things again. Id prefer to smoke a ciggarette infront of my family......

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