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primordia, cake flesh, and morning glories

One day I was in the mood for a pretty tame trip.

One day I was in the mood for a pretty tame trip. So I downed about 2.5 grams of morning glory seeds(chewed them like mad). They take a long time to take effect but last a long time. The visuals seem to have less substance, and even less geometry than most other hallucinogens I have tried.
So 1.7 hours later I ate about .2 grams of dried primordia, and a few vermiculite-free chunks(strips) of spent mushroom cake. Yes, mycelium trips you out, but it is more physical, and less visual due to the different composition of chemicals at play(It takes less than you would think to feel it).
I found that this combo, as expected, works very well. The visuals are especially interesting. Together, they are like a plant-based lsd 25(good acid), with only a hint of the depths to which mushrooms can take you. Also the combo is a sort of a sedative.
The trip started about ten minuits after the primordia/cake ingestion. I felt like I was free to wander about my mind and play with the innerds of my thoughts and their origins. The visuals were actually very obviouse and to my surprize, and like I said, looked much like that which is experienced on a half hit of good acid. The shroom effects died out, in about 2.5 hours leaving me with the rest of a morning glory trip, but with an added sense of light and pattern emminating from the faint visual content. It was actually really interesting, and I would do it again because it was as if these two plants knew how to work together, like they knew each other, evolutionarily, within the minds of humans.
To conclude this report, I dont think a comparible trip involving very little lsd 25 along with primordia/cake would have been nearly as interesting, earthy or synchronistic as a team. I would recommend this dose to anyone who finds a gram of shrooms to be quite intense, otherwise you might just describe its effects as a body buzz or something.

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