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Picturesque Sunday Afternoon

I awake early as i usually do, complete a bit of homework, take a shower, and get ready to go to the YMCA, when my good friend Trevor arrives at my doorstep.

I awake early as i usually do, complete a bit of homework, take a shower, and get ready to go to the YMCA, when my good friend Trevor arrives at my doorstep. It was a gorgeous day outside, and i knew i had just enough shrooms to dose, so we weighed some freshly picked shrooms and both ate 3 grams each. I suggest we go somewhere so we grab out respective modes of transportation, for me a bicycle, he a skateboard, and begin to make out way downtown, the time is 11:00am.

When we arrive downtown I lock my bike behing a bank, and this old hippie dude came up to us and gave us some free skate wax. It was quite amusing because he used words like spooky and had a "trying to be hip" vibe that was impossible not to detect. Well after our friendly encounter with the aged flower child we head to the heart of downtown and this is when I began to start to feel the shrooms.

We decide to sit down on these nice marble steps in right on the mainstreet sidewalk. We just sit there content to sit and vex about various things, and ask girls stopped at red lights if there was "Room for two more". We'll after about what seemed like an hour of this we decide to make our way back to my house.

We arrive at my house and once I enter then I start to feel the shrooms again, on the way back I thought they had worn off, we get online and notice that this girl who I had mentioned earlier(we were talking about how we would love to be seduced my a goodlooking mom, and her mom is very goodlooking, as is she) had messaged me. Well she lives just down the street more or less so we left immediately for her house. When we arrive at her residence her stepsister answers the door and tells us that she just left. Shitty.

Well being the dogged indviduals that we are, we ponder if we know any other locations where hot moms reside. I remember this girl Laurie's house and her stepbrother's mom, and how very fuckable she is, so we head over there, despite Laurie's current disdain for me. When we arrive Dustin answers the door and I calmly assert, Is your mom or Laurie home. He was pretty taken aback and said,"What", so I repeated it for him in an even clearer, crisper manner. So he summons Laurie to the door, her face is so caked with makeup i almost laugh,(her redeeming quality is her supple ass), Trevor asks her if she would like to go for a walk and she declines and begins to shut the door, but before she can quite close it I say, " What, you aren't going to invite us in". Dustin responds with" Well we kinda didn't invite you" So as I begin to walk away, a coup comes to me and i turn around and yell, rather loudly and clearly, " I know motherfucker! If I was invited I'd be knocking on the window!" No need to further explain that one.......;)
We'll not too much more happened after that, just a really good day, so I decided to share.

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