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tree people and fire

The day I shroomed while hiking for the first time I'll never forget.

The day I shroomed while hiking for the first time I'll never forget.We ha our shroomz and our weed and headed into the forest.

I went to a nature park close to our town with some buddies.We got there around 7pm.At the time the sun was starting to set(keep in mind we live in canada and its april)So we pop our shroomz and hike into the forest.

Once there we found a prfect spot to set up a small overnight camp and fire.As we did so the shroomz started to kick in.40 mins have now passed and I started to get a body buzz and a weird feeling in my head came up.By this time camp was set up.we all had seats(made of rocks and tree stumps)and a fire was going.My buddy jarrett turned on his portable cd player and we started to listen to techno.Me and all my friens(8 in all)were having a good time,laughing non stop.

But then things got crazy.The wind started to pick up and the trees were moving.The song on the cd player switched to echos by pink floyd.The trees moved in the wind and the crazy song kept playing.I saw trees moving and walking towards us.Fearing that the trees were angry at us for useing their families for firewood me and my buddy martin got up and left the camp for a walk.

This also wasn't a good idea.We were lost in the woods in no time,without a light and higher then kites on a windy day.We could still hear the blaring music,bt didn't know where it was comming from.We ran in every direction,finding nothing.The trees started to move again with the wind,creeking slowly.We knew they were pissed off cause they started to tilt towards us,as if trying to tell us something.We paniced of course and ran onto a bridge that crossed over a swamp.

The bridge was beautiful,the moon light up the whole area and we could see again.We ran down the bridge and found an area that lead back to the camp.

Finaly I saw the flames from the fire,but heard no music,s we ran towards the fire,we ran,and ran,and ran and finaly got there.....just in time to see the fire get knocked over and go out.We heard laughing all around us and looked to see what knocked over the fire.I yelled to martin to stay close,but to my dismay.....he also was gone.So it was me alone in the woods with no light no idea what was going on,and something was out there with me.

The laughing stoped...all at once.The wind picked up again the the trees around me started to move.The ambers from the fire started to blow around.Blowing light everywhere in unison heading to the sky.I followed the lights hopeing that theyd take me somewhere.But i heard a crack in the bush.I screamed and looked around...shaking violently.I picked up a stick and wraped my hands around it.I headed to the bush,i heard talking....it was wispers...i saw a light as well.The light was moving up and down side to side.

I walked up to the sounds and the light and smelt a smell that i reconized...but couldn't tell what it was.I grabed one of the object and tossed them to the floor.I heard screams of panic....have I caught the tree people.Then out of nowhere a blinding light hits me......

I scream and fall next to the being I tossed to the floor.It was martin and Jarrett and everyone else smokeing a joint.They heard me running to them and thought i was a cop so they kicked out the fire.Martin was never with me at all after the bridge,he found his own way back and they were looking for me while smoking some of my weed(nice guys eh?)We went back to camp and set up another fire after that.

Then things started to get weird again........

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