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one trip as it pertains to tolerance

Iv tripped alot.

Iv tripped alot. More than most. One thing ive read at this site bothers me.
People who say they dont feel it as easily "these days" because they have tripped so much in the past.
Lots of lsd 2 years prior to shrooms use helped me see the visions and the various minds-sets that shrooms can bring. Also, The more shrooms I ate, the more accurately and intensely I felt them.
One day I ate 3 gel tabs of pure acid, not just good and potent, but pure(equal to aroung 12-15 hits of typical blotter). I could barely make out my surroundings because the visuals were so intense. The next time I took that dose, I thought to myself at some point (as did my friend I was with), wow, ive gone too far. The next time I ate 3 1/2 I became sort of freaked out by how much more intense this was than three. The next time, many weeks later(unlike before), I ate 4 of the same, but was more ready for it, and tripped harder but with the almost the same intense visuals than on three, (the mind job was more controlled yet more intense). You certainly grow into the doses you are ready to take.
Why was four hits of gel less but more. Well........ acid stops getting all that much more intense once you hit the 10-15 blotters mark. Not that the visuals are not clearer, fatter, etc., (but its less than you would expect). However, 1 hit vs 3 hits of blotter is so very different.
Tolerance had little to do with the similarity between three and four. I was more ready.
You take a massive hit of pot and hold it in depriving your brain of oxygen, what happens. You see massive super intense visuals+thc. Anxiety, fatigue, high heart rate and susiquent blood pressure phenom., and discomfort can do the same thing for a long period of time during a trip.
This may lessen if you take more, but if your cogniscent enough, your still tripping harder every time you take the stuff. The only exception is for those who have no idea what it means to be sober.
MANY people used to eat 6 grams and now eat only one gram. Thats because for those who know what they are doing to themselves, find it to be almost as intense.
If you eat a quarter of shrooms and want to take more, then your most likely pretty foolish and not very closely nit with your mind or body. The mind and body are one and the same. If you cant understand the mushroom and just like to putz around with them on high doses, then you might not (most likely)dont know what the hell im talking about.

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