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Offspring is the best music EVER!

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It was the summer of my sophmore year and i heard lots of good things about shrooms so i decided to try them, I bought an eighth of mostly steams and one cap, i ate them dry around 3:00pm and about twenty minutes later i started to feel really warm all over, then i started laghing for no aparent reason, then my friends started telling me crazy things to try and make me trip out, we soon decided to walk around outside, at blockbuster i was really paranoid, at taco bell i was really paranoid, then we went behind IHOP and i felt great, someone let me borrow a bike and a iPod and i rolled around listening to music, while riding around the iPod got stuck on about 5 songs of the Offspring and it seemed like the best music ever, I lstened to it for about 3 hours until around 7:00pm and then went to stay at a friends house, Ohh and did i mention that i had friend video tape me whole experience,

Overall i liked the trip and want to experience harder trips in the future

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