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Not Enough Was Enough.

I was taking my 4th shot of the night of vodka as Two of my friends walk out of the room.

I was taking my 4th shot of the night of vodka as Two of my friends walk out of the room.
One of them looks at me gives me a hug and walks into the kitchen where a few others were.
As the other one stays behind and sticks her tongue out at me and shows me the shrooms on your tongue.

Being her first trip, she was pretty edgy and jumpy.
i asked her two more times out of my half drunkiness if it was her first time.
She was nice about it and didnt complain and said "Yes, im kinda scared."

after hanging out for a little, One of my friends told me she still had a few shrooms left and said that i could have them but it might not be enough.
I said I would take them and did.
They arnt as bad tasting as people made them sounds.
i kinda enjoyed the taste.

so i walked out of the room eat my mushrooms.
About 5 mins after i ate the mushrooms.
My two friends were starting to feel them.
I was waiting for them to kick in.
and finally they did.
ever so slowly as first and then started speeding up.

It felt great.
I didnt take a lot so i didnt see much but what i did was awesome.
I couldnt stop smiling you cant help it.
you feel great.
and powerful.
the noises were awesome.
they sounded like cars speeding by you.
or like a gust of wind.

the patterns on the bed were moving.
and when i walked by the mirror it looked kind melted.
One of my friend who wasnt shrooming who had taken shrooms before.
told me to come to her i did and she ran your fingers down my arms slowly and let me tell you IT felt GREAT.

The house i was in had a pic of a cat with a lot of color in it.
the cat in the painting had crazy eyes and was staring right into me.
the cats collar looked like a river.
it was great.

after a while everything ws starting to look a little purple.
it look pretty cool.
so i wanted to go off and see what else i could see or hear.

i went into the bedroom alone and stared at the walls
they were moving.
i could see every line in them.
they looked like the were moving.

i guess everyone was looking for me and one of my guy friend found me and was walking over to me and if you have seen the RING it looked like how the girl moves at the end when she comes out of the TV.

it was great.
he sat next to me and was playin with my hair.
Yes he is gay, nd im Bi but nothing happened.
but anyways he reached for something on the other side o the bed and it looked like a comic.
everything i could see piece by piece.
it was great.

The whole thing was great.
it was my first trip.
it was AWESOME!
i think the world should try shrooms.
i think the world would be an AWESOME place.

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