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It was the first time consuming shrooms for me.

It was the first time consuming shrooms for me. I met a friend after leaving the office on Friday afternoon. We had a pipe and some green stuff. Looking at the great Vienna-wood I thought about the shrooms, which I bought a day before. "I'm sure that I will take the shrooms tonight." I said to my friend. He only smiled at me. Hours later I decided to leave him. I went to my flat, where I live with my girl friend.

When I came home I found her already sleeping. I took a bath. At around 23:00 I started eating 0.5 g of stropharia cubensis (in the bath!). I thought it would be no big problem to trip alone. I always carried a plastic bag with me, because I read that some people vomit after consuming shrooms. 30 minutes later I felt nothing and I ate the rest (1g). I lied down on my bed when a strange feeling started to grow in my body. After time it gave me a very uneasy feeling. Lying naked in my bed the flashing idea was here! "I have to go out!" I thought. Thought it – done it. Taking the umbrella with me (it was raining) I left my flat. It was about 24:00.

When going out, a really warm feeling began to crawl up my neck. After about 15 minutes the first laughing period started. Next chapter was an esoteric shop. Looking into the shop window, I discovered five indescribable cats looking at me. They looked really stupid. That was too much for me. I broke down after laughing a long time. Lying on the sidewalk a car stopped, and the driver asked me for the direction to central station. I stood up and told him the way. After this he asked whether I want to go with him. I denied and went my way straight down to beautiful building called "Gloriette". The building belongs to the famous zoo "Schönbrunn". It was raining hard, but I had no use for my umbrella, so I decided to give it as a present to the next person that comes across. I met three people, but nobody wanted to have my umbrella!

At 3:00 I came back to my flat, and went straight to our cellar. The first hallucinations began, when I stood before our cellar section. There was a sign with "15" on it. I looked nearer at it, and it was like "15" was all around me. Before me, behind me and at sides I've seen "15". After this I remembered the things I read about mushrooms. I went up. Lying in my bed looking at the ceiling I was experiencing the most beautiful things in my life. Watching three to four layer constructs, I thought about everyone and everything. Wow! It was really cool!

The effect lowered approximately at 4:00, so I decided to roll a fat joint. After smoking it, I closed my eyes and listened to the music of Jean Michel Jarre. Rendezvous. Living in the music, I saw landscapes and rivers. Travelling through these countries I had a meeting with the devil (?). Sorry if this sentence doesn't make sense. Then a really deep slumber started.

I was really fascinated of the effects of shrooms on me. I thought smoking shit would be really extreme, but I was wrong. In comparison to LSD shrooms where a lot milder to me. After this day (or night?) I decided something for my life. I will only consume Cannabis and Shrooms in the future. One broke of my self-promise occurred. Meskalin.

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