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NoN Stop Laugh Riot

Me, my bro, and my other homeboy decided to trip on shrooms Friday.

Me, my bro, and my other homeboy decided to trip on shrooms Friday. I had 2 grams only because I was going to have to drive in a few hours. So we eat the shrooms and decide to chill outside, except it was like 96 fuckin degrees hot.
we were sitting and smokin outside and pretty soon the shrooms began to kick in when my thoughts began to go a hundred miles a minute.

Pretty soon we were stumbling around trying to find a cool place, we ended up going to my room were the ac was on. For the next few ours we just layed in my room laughing at all this stoopid shit. We sweated like slaves. I put my head back on my bed and just started riding the wave. Psychadelic colors and swirling lights, hardcore visuals, everything morphed into one. Some great shit.

Then we left my house all tripped out, I dont know how I managed to drive to the next town over but I did. Then we stopped next to some black guys who looked like some fake ass rappers on tv, and we broke out in laughter for about an hour. We kept makin fun of all this shit. Laughed so hard I almost passed out. Then we smoked a blunt and relaxed.

Good Trip, although it was fuckin hot as fuck that day.

Shrooms are the shit muthafuckers.

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