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nice ass body buzz; mild trip

It was friday night.

It was friday night. The plan was to get trashed. I had just gotten word of some great lsd doses, angels if i'm not mistaken. When i met up with my dude, i found out the they were way overpriced (about a third more expensive than usual) so i opted for these shroom capsules instead. They were cheap, but i had heard from friends that they were pretty potent. Having never done mushrooms (only lsd)i only bought one. I popped the pill at around 7 45 at night, hoping to peak while the moon was at its zenith. (full moon)
About a half an hour later my friends and i went to a small party, and i felt like it would be good to come up among my close friends. There were still only a few of my friends at the party, so i grabbed a glass of oj and talked to people.
After about a half hour i was too fidgety to sit around, and i was definetly feeling a buzz, and beginning to sweat so i said i was going to go for a walk. About five people went with me, and since these were my close friends they knew i was on mushrooms. We walked for about an hour as far as i know, and the trip started to really kick in. So far the only visuals were the street stretching out about a million miles and i wasn't near peaking. I started to laugh uncontrollably at the way the houses on the end of the street only seemed further away after walking for what seemed like three hours although i'm sure it was about a half an hour. About halfway back to the house, a tree grabbed me. I shouted, and flailed around for a second or two until i could break free and run. Now, i'm very out of shape so running isn't my forte, but i was pretty damn fast, or did the tree run away from me? We got back to my friend's house and i was grinning like crazy. All of my friends were there and about a million people i've never seen before. One dude i met looked and sounded just like lou reed which was cool, or at least it seemed cool at the time. and they were playing music really really loud through the stereo. Someone put on the hendrix live at woodstock and things became very very cool all of the sudden. i'm pretty sure i danced for a while, and at some point i was handed a pen and some paper to draw with, which was wild considering the music was moving my hand, not my brain. unfortunately my drawing was lost in the commotion that ensued, but i'm sure it was probably really dumb anyways, still it'd be nice to know if i can draw while trippin. It was now about 10 and i knocked back a few more glasses of oj hoping for visuals, when suddenly my friend comes in and says that her parents are coming home. All the drunks had to leave, all the stoners had to leave, but most of all, my friend and i (who had also taken one shroom capsule) had to leave. My ride had gone on a marijuana run, probably since i couldn't drive, so i was stuck. i felt like i would peak soon from my experience with lsd, and didn't want to be in this situation at the moment. they made me go to the supermarket to pick up a few things with this kid who was sober. I wanted to stay in the car but he made me go in. Everything was bright white in the store and the sounds echoed off of hard floors and metal shelves. It looked like heaven, but felt like hell. so i laughed to myself. Then i saw a cop, and almost flipped out. It felt like she was staring a hole in my back. But it was ok because we had what we needed and left. Somehow i got lost crossing the street from the car to her house, and my friend and i went for another walk. This was when my trip was most intense. We began walking in the same direction we did before. I could see shadows darting in and out of houses or around corners, and for some reason i laughed instead of being afraid. My fried was terrified. "What the hell is that!?" he said and stopped.

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