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never do this!

k so its homecoming night for my school.

k so its homecoming night for my school... and we were looking for somethiing to do.. and weed was getting old to me. My friend told me about these pills called Coriciden (triple C, DXM, skittles). So we went and got a pack. He then told me he can get us shrooms for cheap.. So he called his hook and got 2 eighths of the weirdest looking shrooms ive ever seen. We went and picked them up and on the way back home we each popped 8 pills of the Coriciden. And as soon as we got home, we ate all of the shrooms. about 20 minutes later I start to feel the trip. AT first the trip was amazing , things started to form into objects i cant even explain, and the colors were so bright and amazing. about 30 minutes later i started to trip HARD!.. My friend then told me that the last time he took 8 pills he had blacked out... so i started to FREAK OUT!... i sat on the couch and at this time i had NO control over anytpart of my bady.. i cant remember most of my thoughts but i remember looking down at my arm and seeing blood pouring down onto the couch... i Freaked out and tried to jump up but i couldnt. my legs were unusable. I felt paralyzed . the last thing i remember from the trip was my friend standing over me with a the weirdest face ive ever seen . his eyes looked as if they were sucked into his head.. and they both were black. and when he spoke his voice sounded so scary that i remember grabbing my ears.. then i remember waking up at the hospital.. the doctor said i was ok.. and that iu had gone into shock . the pills and the shrooms mixed together,, was so poisenous that the doctors didnt know how i lived through it.. i talked to my friend that i shroomed with shortly after asking him how he didnt end up in the hospital. He then told me that he hadnt takikn any of the pills that night. Anyways.. dont mix drugs.. its fucked up -james

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