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My second trip

Ha ha.

Ha ha.... Me and my guy thing wanted to watch the new batman. So we decided that it would be awesome to sit in the theatre and chew some shrooms. Well since he knows all we did it a little differently which i am not allowed to say how. But we did not eat them..... Anyways.... I never had a trip my first time so didnt really know what to expect. half way through the movie i had to pee and considering the fact that i still did not really feel them i went. Well.... The floor started swirling because of the patterns on the rug and the light were fuckin me up. Anyways. THE MOVIE WAS AMAZING.. there was lots of trippy effects... and OH GOD I LOVED IT.... definetly my second favorite drug.... Then when we were going out of the theatre.... the concrete outside was moving and shifting. it was so scary i could hardly walk out of there to the car. to make matters worse... a couple that we came with ended up not seeing the movie cuz they were stupid and the girl is so annoying that she started to ruin my trip by saying that we were freaking out and just being really loud IN PUBLIC... wow can you say HEAT SCORE...for sure

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