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My own fear and loathing

Well this was my first time doing mushrooms.

Well this was my first time doing mushrooms. I bought 3 8s (3.5g each) and my friend bought one. (his first time too) We each only ate an 8th. He could not finish his whole 8th so i ate some of his. I also got into one of my other 8ths and ate some of that too. We started to laugh a lot kind of a stoner effect nothing crazy. I thought the shroomz were not working until i looked into the mirror and i saw my reflection but it had a cartoon look to it. Things were really colorful and my head had ripplesin it. We had a multi colored rotating light going in my room. My room also has a LOT of posters in it and it made it look like a circus. The room got huge every thing look liked it was so far away and i felt so small. Not being able to walk right was one of the funest parts. I wad that crazy ass drunken walk but was not falling over. I got to the bathroom and tried to piss. It proboly was not a good idea to piss standing up. I got to distracted by the shower door and pissed every where. After i cleaned it up i noticed my bathroom looked like a fucking safari. We have a lot of thing in the bathroom like elks and deers. everyt thing being wood panled. It was trippy. So i spent about 15 min in the bathroom just wondering where the fuck im at and how i got there. I go back into my room to find my frined looking so confued about everything. he would not let go of his oj it was like that was the only thing he cared about. He kept asking my ozzy poster if he could drink his oj, After we tripped in my room for a while we tried to go to sleep. We turned off the lights and laid down. (BAD IDEA) It was fine at first but then shit got weird. I could not see anything and it felt like i was dropped into eternity. I felt like my body was kind of jello. My bed was kind of like a goo and was stickin to me. Everything i touched kind of formen to me. Which was fun at first but really fucking freaky later. we had techno going which really made it scary after a while. after this 20 min bad trip i finally somehow pulled my self out of this goo and made it to the light switch. Me and my friend both lost complete sense of reality we had no idea what reality was. We had no idea why people ate food. Or why we listen to our parents. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything was pointless. We aslo could not realize what it was like to be normal. Early that day we hooked up some speakers. We were talking about how that even phisicaly possible for us to do. We could not even turn on my ipod with out going crazy. I definatly learned that eating 4 something grams your first time if a bad idea. I was telling my self i would never do shroomz again but i guess i just wont eat as much this time.

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