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my life made sense

this is the story of my favourite trip so far.

this is the story of my favourite trip so far. ive only shroomed 3 or 4 times and they havent been the most amazing hallucinating shrooms but what ive gotten and what ive tripped has been fun so no complaints. anyway this last weekend i shroomed with my 2 friends before we went to a party.. we were at my friends house chilling. i ate a gram and had a couple drinks. we drove over to the party which wasa good 45 minute drive which kinda sobered me up. as soon as we got to the party i ate the second gram and had some more drinks and the fun started. in the beginning i was really social and talking to all sorta of people and dancing around and whatever. about an hour into the party i stopped looking for people to talk to and i just walked around in a stunned state. i started to feel kinda lonely because the two girls i came with were with their boyfriends and i didnt feel like talking to the other people. so i sat on the porch outside for half an hour just watching people. then i moved to the kitckhen and sat on the counter there. i remember i was sitting across the kitchen from the guys i really liked last year and he made me so happy because he was having fun and joking around. he must have thought i was crazy because id was just staring at him and smiling. then i went and stood my a wall for an hour. i remember thinking that i must be tired just that i couldnt feel it. i sat there feeling lonely and unpopular. but then i started realizing stuff. i watched the "popular crowd" and saw all the trauma and drama and backstabbing and fights that were going on and realized theyre all fake losers. then i saw my friends. theyd wave to me across the room, come over to see how i was doing, tell me stories. one guy tried to steal my beer and my friend told him to back off. i realized how awesome my friends are and that even though i wasnt part of the popular crowd my life and friends are amazing and i didnt need the bs the popular people go through. after this revelation i couldnt stop smiling because id felt like i was a complete person. id smile smile and look across the room. there was a guy tripping out smiling like crazy too. we'd catch each others eyes and laugh for no reason hysterically. then wed go back to looking around. i felt like i had a real connection with him even though we werent talking. i went and sat in an arm chair and put on a blanket. i sat there watching everyone having fun and i felt so happy because everyone was having fun. it made me happier to see them having a good time. i was playing with a bottle cap in my hand and it felt so weird and good then i looked at my hand and it looked like it was moving even though i wasnt moving it. my hands were tripping me out and moving them in any way felt so good. i felt like i had to tell everyone how good hands felt. i told the guy next to me to play with something in his hand and he did but didnt feel anything weird. it kinda pissed me off b/c i felt like id given him a good tip but he was taking it for granted so i left and went to a bedroom where a bunvch of people were chilling. i sat on a bed with a good friend of mine. i lay on his chest and we were just talking and tripping each other out. we played with each others faces and noses. that was my favourite part because i felt like i was so close to him and people told me the next day they felt jealous of how close we seemed. his stubble was the most amazing thing to me. i was playing with it and it seemed like i could see it growing. around 4 am we decided to drive home. the trip home was pretty crazy. 2 of the drinkers (non shroomers) passed out so it was just me andtwo shroomers left to trip. i said "imagine we were stll on that long road" even though wed gotten off of it a long time ago. my friend said "imagine we were dead in a ditch right now but we didnt know it..." then her boyfriend said "imagine we were dead in a ditch before we even got to the party" we all pondered about that for a while and then sat still and listened to the music. later we got home and changed and went to sleep. i usually cant sleep while on shrooms so i just sat and read a bit. my friends cat came and lay on me and i felt like we were havng a discussion through our eyes and body language. overall, that was my best trip yet and it made me appreciate life so much more... also while on shrooms that night i lokedinto my body and saw what smoking was doing to my body so i decided to quit smoking. i wouldnt mind tripping out like that everytime.

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