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Totaly Triped Out..

Well it all started on a thursday afternoon, there was no school on friday somy friends, sister and i decided to do some shrooms.

Well it all started on a thursday afternoon, there was no school on friday somy friends, sister and i decided to do some shrooms. We took a little journey to down town (San Jose), we made a stop at a restaurant (Johny Rockets).
At about 5:30 pm we puchased 2/8ths of some blue stemed shrooms. There was four people, my cousin, best friend, my sister, and myself. We decided to split the 2/8ths between four people. It was two first timers and two expirienced.
The sun was finaly put to sleep at around 6:00 pm. It had been half an hour after we had eaten our shrooms. Walking around down town was preaty exiting at first... Then at around 6:20 pm I started to feel funny, I felt like i was being
tickled by invisible hands, It looked as if the trees were reaching for me, calling my name, taunting me. Being one of the second timers in the group i was kind of expecting lonelyness from previous expiriences. I felt safe but in a way a
little woried, about my sister, but she semed to like it, she was having fun. We ran into my friend who happend to have some buds, " you all know what happend after that ". After walking for about an hour we all decide we should go by
our neighborhood just in case. One of the party members lived down town so he decided to split. Three people left and the buds were really kicking in. On the bus ride home i was trippen out hard, the hand rails on the bus semed like
they were candy, it was so hot on the bus, and the hand rails being cold, it felt good licking the bars. Then a sense of reality hit me " yuck! ". Oh well no one saw me, at least i think the didn't. Finally we arived at home, i felt a bit safer.
My sister was really enjoing the bright stars outside, she mensioned taking a walk with my cousin, but i didn't listen. I was too busy trippen out in my room with my black lite and my posters.I striped down to my under shorts just to feel
a little more comftarble. It was now 9:30 pm, i was all alone in my house, siting in my room, all alone. Thats when it happend... My radio turns on, making all kinds of noise. I heard people screaming, glass breacking, and cars crashing.
I yelled for my siter with all my strength, remembering she had said something about going outside. I heard no anweser, then my mind started to play tricks on me. I pictured the worst, my sister and my coisin being hit by a car, it semed
so real that i ran outside to the middle of the street wearing nothing but under shorts. I saw cars fliped upside-down, brocken 40oz bottles scatered around and no sighn of my sister. I shut my eyes and yelled for my sister once more,
remembering that i ate some shrooms and that it was all in my mind, opened my eyes, then saw noting but a lonely street (San Felipe Rd.) and my sister skiping down from up the street holding my cousins hand and singing a song. I felt
like someone turned the world's light swich off then on again. I got so scared. I swore to my self i was never going to shroom again... A week after it was Haloween, " you all know what happened after that! "

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