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my first trip i went to hell

i went to visit a friend with one of my other friends.

i went to visit a friend with one of my other friends. we had no idea we would get the chance to do shrooms. i had never tripped on anything before. the three of us each ate one full mushroom, not sure of the dosage, about an hour after we ate them we were visiting a friend, my trip began when some music was playing and it got really weird and i then i dont remember what really happened all i remember is the halucinations i had. we were in a car and all i remember is looking down at my body and getting really cold and feeling sick and opening the car door and falling out and laying on the grass and feeling like my body was deforming and screaming. i thought that there was a crowd of people around me and a police man that was scared for me and didnt know what to do. i thought that i was bleeding from my neck the the bottom of my stomach and i died. i was floating in a black oblivion with alot of other people and i realized i was dead. i started screaming THIS IS DEATH OH MY GOD THIS IS DEATH I AM DEAD and then my mind started going crazy and going through every thought that i have ever had and every situation that could ever have happened but it didnt. like my brain was going through every part of it really really fast and i thought, im stuck like this for eternity, this was hell, going through my thoughts for the rest of eternity searching for answers to situations in my life, forever and i was so scared. so mad that i hadnt lived a better life, that i had not said the things i wanted to say to the poeple that i loved and thinking about how they were going to be so sad and not going to be able to believe that i died using shrooms. then i started to slowly wake up, openign my eyes occasionsally, seeing reality but not knowing it was reality, everything was watery like a cartoon that was soaked in water and bleeding ink. i thought that my friends that i tripped with were in hell with me but i couldnt talk to them. but then i woke up for real in my friends bed. and i didnt remember how i got there, then some sober kids and us left and went in a car and drove to the beach, and when i woke up i was so incredibly glad to be alive that the rest of my trip was great. letters were backwards. my body was melting, everything was melting, lights were not on their light posts, it was the most best experience of my life after i woke up. and i think that shrooms are a way to reach the other side. but im not sure.

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