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My first trip

Okay I went to Camden with my friend Holly whom had also never shroomed before so we decided to do it together.

Okay I went to Camden with my friend Holly whom had also never shroomed before so we decided to do it together. We bought about 10 grams of pscilocybe cubensis from a stall, which is about 6 long stems with heads.
We sat in the middle of a cafe and down 3 each with a coca cola bottle. She thought they tasted gross, but i didnt think them that bad.
Since this was my first trip i didnt know what to expect.
We were on our way back home on the train when the drugs began to kick in, at first we told each other that our pupils were extremely dilated then we had an attack of the giggles, we found everything hilarious and people on the train were looking at us like what the fuck!.
We arrived back home and i suggested to walk her home even though it was out of my way bu you know,
Once again we weere in hysterics and when walking through the street we sang our favourite songs very badly, i noticed that the sky had turned a pinkish colour even though it was nightime. Holly said that she couldnt feel her hands and i agreed. then i started touching my face and it felt like someones else's face, wierd, i felt very sculpted and good-looking (which im not by the way). She had to leave so we hugged and when our seperate ways. I felt so happy to have a friend like that but also alone.
I walked down the hill towards my house and i could still feel her prescence near me so i started talking to her, even though she wasnt there. Then i thought i was her because i could feel some boobs underneath my jacket, even though it wa just my crumpled up scarf. I got picked up by my mom and i was scared that she'd know i was tripping so i stayed silent. It felt like forever to get to my house but we got there and i rushed up to my room and locked the door so no would would know. I tried to sleep but i couldnt, the addams family was on tv so i tried to watch it but no.
Every fiv minutes i would turn the light off then on and kept putting my dufet on the floor then the bed and i just stared at myself in the mirror and my pupils were shrinking then growing seismically. I got really scared and thought that i was going to die if i didnt leave the house .
So i went to my friend Gemma's house because she lives closest to me and she has done shrooms before.
I arrived at her door and told her i was tripping and asked her to take care of me, i clung to her like a kid she kept telling me to lighten up even though i was tripping badly.
We met up with some people i dint know and walked around for hours and i passed out on the grass for five minutes. These kids thought that i was just wierd until they were told that i was shrooming, i felt lost, i closed my eyes and i could hear people talking about me but i didnt register the thought. Then it occured to me that i might still be in my room but hallucinating so i got really worried that i wasnt there and my body was outside of my mind.
We walked to the shops, Gemma was determined to sober me up with orange juice after a while everyone left and i felt better so i walked gemma home, and slept soundly that night.

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