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my first trip

My friend had money and he was going to buy weed but he only ended up getting some joints and a gram of mushrooms.

My friend had money and he was going to buy weed but he only ended up getting some joints and a gram of mushrooms. i've been wanting to try them so i told them they could smoke the pot and i'll do the shrooms and they were all for it. So we got to my house and he gave me the mushrooms it took me a while to finally eat them but i eventually did and chewed them good and kept them in my mouth for a long as I could(these ones tasted pretty bad). my friends go to smoke some pot while i play video games in wait...30 minutes in and nothing....i was getting woried that they wouldn't do anything and i got disapointed. about 45 mins later my friend told me to take a shot to kick the shrooms in because he says that it makes them kick in faster(and i don't know if the shot actually kicked them in or it was just a coincidence)but we went downstairs to make some food and i started feeling a bit different.A while later i could tell the shrooms were doing something because i felt pretty high.about 10 minutes later i got up and walked over to the counter and it felt like it was just me in the house and i was talking to myself and not them cause it felt like they were just added into my vision somehow. so by then i knew i was tripping, so we went back to play video games . i was doing pretty good too. i was having mild hallucinations(everything looked like it was beating or breathing).a couple hours later my friends had to leave and i was by myself, so i decided to get a pop from the store just down the road, and i also decided to listen to my CD player on the way. the music was pretty upbeat and cheery almost so it made me feel really happy , and i couldn't stop smiling so i had to try hard not to smile because i probably looked crazy. the rest of the night i just watched tv and played video games. i was still feeling kinda high after 5 hours so i went to bed. i can't wait to do them again, i had such a positive experience and i wanna have that again

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