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My First Trip

Let me warn you: This is going to sound pretty weird.

Let me warn you: This is going to sound pretty weird. But here's my story: Last night I tripped on shrooms (only about 1 gram) for the first time. I think it was the best night of my life, though it could have been better if we'd had more shrooms. One of the best things we did was turn off all the lights (me and my friend had the house to ourselves) and tripped out in the dark. It was kinda scary though because my friend (who is an experienced tripper) attacked me with his lighter in his hand and was going to light me on fire because he needed to have some light to find his CD. Another great thing we did was have a water fight. We hadn't planned on it or anything, but I was laughing so hard I spilled my water all over him and he threw water back at me and then we just kept on doing it. The only thing that happened that makes me think a whole hell of a lot is that I was in two different places at once. Like I was sitting on the floor in the living room, so I was there, but the other place I was in at the same time was the exact same place, only I wasn't in such a good mood there. And it scared me because my friend looked at me and asked if I was in two places at once and I said I thought I was and I said to him "I don't know which..." and then I stopped because I thought he'd think I was stupid, and then he finished my sentence: "Path to take?" And I was like all surprised because he knew what was going on in my head. He told me to take which ever one felt the best, so I went with the happier one, and I had a totally awesome trip. It's a good thing we smoked a few joints and did some blades though because I would have been totally off the wall if we hadn't. One cool thing was when we went outside because we were going to go over to this guy's house, and once we were outside I had these amazing bursts of energy. I couldn't stop running and kicking snow. What should have been a 20 minute walk was probably about half that. The only thing that really brought me down was that we were with another friend for awhile and she wasn't on shrooms, but she'd been smoking pot, and so she was all quiet and didn't understand how we could be in such great moods. She kept talking about her personal life and I was going to slug her but then I looked back at her and I couldn't remember if she'd actually been saying anything or if I was just trippin' out. But, all in all, my first trip was a pretty fucking good one! If it were easier to get mushrooms around here, I'd do 'em more often

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