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my first time we went to the roof of this office building...

i tried mushrooms for the first time a couple of months ago my senior year of high school.

i tried mushrooms for the first time a couple of months ago my senior year of high school. my friend Elizabeth came to hang out with my friend SAM and i and she told me she had some shrooms in the car that we could eat. Sam didn't want to come so Elizabeth and I went to her car and ate some shrooms and washed them down with some orange juice. we made sure that we didn't eat too many, cause i had heard about how horrible bad trips were. i had smoked a lot of weed in my day, and i had always wanted to try shrooms.
we drove downtown to the square, which is full of restaurants and shops and a small concert venue on the streets. there were lots of people around and we just sat on a bench smoking some cigarettes, waiting for it to kick in. After about an hour of feeling nothing, my hands started to feel extremely clammy. they were sweaty and cold, and my heart rate was beginning to increase. i remember that i kept biting my lip and my lip felt numb. Elizabeth and I saw some friends from high school that were straight edge and they came up to talk to us, i started to feel myself getting more high so i whispered in her ear for us to leave so the other kids wouldn't know.
we started walking and we walked about four blocks downtown. i remember that we walked forever it felt like and my sense of time was completely lost. my mom called me when i was walking to ask where i was and i told her that i would be home late because i was at a movie. i remember feeling guilty about it.
we finally got to this office building and climbed up the stairs to this balcony. finally i felt really high. i sat down next to Elizabeth and held her hand. i remember that her hand felt like velvet and her skin felt like velvet and i kept stroking it. my head felt very light and i kept swinging it up and down. we started talking about life and i remember that i started to cry uncontrollably. i never cry, so this was very strange. i was over analyzing everything in my life and talking about how sad i really was. Elizabeth kept reminding me that i would not feel sad in the morning, that all my worries were imagined.
i remember that i kept seeing lights flash and i thought it was the cops. then i would hear a low mummer of sound that sounded like the bass in a song. after a few hours of just sitting we stood up and tried some yoga then we couldn't stop laughing about how limber our bodies felt. then i started to get very cold, extremely cold. i started shivering and i felt very unsafe. i told Elizabeth that i felt like throwing up and that i was very afraid. panic set in which finally led to a bad trip. we walked the four blocks back to her car the whole way feeling very afraid of the cops and feeling extreme panic. when we got in her car we were not able to drive and i had a small panic attack
. i remember feeling very tired but i couldn't sleep. i hid under sweater and i was breathing really hard. finally i convinced Elizabeth that we could leave and so we drove 20 minutes back to my car, that was parked outside a gas station. i then drove home. i felt very out of it when i was driving my stick shift, but i wasn't as high as i was before. i finally got home when the high went away and i passed out.
the next day my stomach hurt like i had food poisoning. but i loved the trip, until the end when it turned bad. but I'm anxious to take mushrooms again!

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