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my first time tripping

i ate a chocolate that my friend got for me that contained shrooms.

i ate a chocolate that my friend got for me that contained shrooms. it contained an 8th and i only ate half. i consumed the half chocolate in the car on the way to my friends house, but i was not driving. within 30 minutes i began laughing and feeling happy and very carefree. i was with my boyfriend and i began to feel an extreme closeness to him and went on a ten minnute talk of how he made me so happy that i could cry. i felt as though i was so happy i mihgt cry. i then began to say things that made so much sense, (my boyfriend even admitted it) and had all these profound thoughts and kept saying i wanted to write a book. as we kept driving, i turned around and leaned against the dashboard and staredat the backseat of the car and noticed how strange it looked and different than anything i h ad ever seen before. BY the time we got to my friends house things were really getting good. i stood up for the first time to go into the house and it was so incredible. the change from the car to the outside was so extreme and i had a strong sense of confusion. i walked into the house and gave my friend the other half of the chocolate which she quickly consumed. i sat down for a few minutes and when i got up and began walking i explained that i felt as thought i had very short legs. im 5 feet and my legs are short so no one listened. but then i explained that i felt as though my hips connected to my ankles and i was walking very closeto the ground. it was such a funny feeling and i started laughing hysterically. then i went downstairs and things really got crazy and intense. i sat under a blacklite on a swirly painted floor with a mirror on the wall. i could seemyself glowing on the swirly floor in the mirror.i started staring at my hand and it was so amazing. i wanted to take a picture of it or paint it but i knew that i could never look at it the same and it made me feel so lucky so i just stared at it and felt even more amazed.i then started playing with a blacklite toy with wires and glowing balls and i saw trails and lines and craziness. i played with the toy for what seemed like endless hours. i couldnt bring myself to stop, it was too amazing. then i looked at a weight and it was spinning on the little holder. i asked my boyfriend (who was not tripping) if it was moving and he said no. i then touched it and stared at it and i really had no idea if it was moving or not. I still dont know. then i started asking questions to people who were not tripping like "what color is this floor?" and they would tell me pink, and i was just mind boggled. what is pink? what is color? i had no understanding of colors at all. they werre beyond me. i asked everyone to explain them but they couldnt. i then began to ask about time. I couldnt understand what it was. what is time? i kept asking and no one could explain it to me. it was also beyond me, like colors. my boyfriend then showed me his watch, and i just blankly stared at it and said "what???" i couldnt understand time, it was on a different plane than me. after staring at the clock, i finally deciphered that it was 10:06 and i said it out loud and just said BUt what does it mean? what is time? At one point everyone who was downstairs in the blacklite room left, and i was alone. this was the strangest feeling i have ever had in my life. i cant even explain it in words but i felt a total detachment from everything. i had no idea how long i was alone down there, later on i guessed a half hour and my boyfriend said it was about 2 minutes,he had only gone upstairs to grab a beer. we then watched will wonka and it was a totally crazy experience. Even now when i watch it i can still remember how everything looked when i was tripping. When i went to sleep i was still tripping and it was beautiful. falling asleep was like a journey. i laid in bed for what seemed like endless amounts of time and thought "im going to sleep, im going to sleep....." and then i fell asleep and had the most crazy dreams of my life. this was my first time tripping and it was the best experience of my life.

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