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my first time on the shroomers

Hey, my first time on shrooms was great.

Hey, my first time on shrooms was great. Me and my friend both didnt have to work friday or saturday so we decided to do some shrooms. My friend had gone to Harvest Fest, where people come to share the stuff they picked from harvest season. My friend had bought some shrooms that were put into a choclate bar..it was sweet. We left school early and went to go eat the choclates. They tasted alright with a drink. After we downed em we smoked 3 blunts between 4 heads, clam bake. I didnt feel anything till about 30 mins after. I started playing with the beams of light that were showing threw the smoke. I started to feel real good. I felt an intesnse high. About 1 and a half hours later i was at my climax. We met my friend at a gas station who was also tripping. We saw each other and burst out into a emmense laugh. I was laughing so hard that i was crying at one point. We drove around all day and just laughed. I started to come down about 4 hours after i ate them and smoked 3 more blunts. It was one of the best times I have ever had and plan to do them some more. alot more..

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