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My name is kassandra and the first time thta i had did shrums was a cuple of years ago i was 14.

My name is kassandra and the first time thta i had did shrums was a cuple of years ago i was 14. And me and a bunch of my friends were thinking about doing them for a long time. but finally one friday we all went over to our friend randys house and he new someone that dealt them so we all got an eith. and i remember that when we first got them that evryone was a little bit nervous of doing them cause we had never done them before and we didnt really no what would happen. so we ate them and some my friend just ate them straight and they were the groosses things i have ever tasted but some of them like smashed them into some bread. It took a wile for them to kick in but after it was crazy. One of my friends stephanie had a video camera and she was video taping us cause there was like 8 of us. so we were all sitting there and some of us went to the store to get cigaretts. and the rest of them stayed there. but after we got them when we were on our way back we saw everyone elsee and they were all going to the park. so we just went there and we had to go down a trail. tha thing that i remeber the most out of that walk was that emma like out of nowere comes up to us andis like look you guys i ogt a toad. and it was this big ass toad. and she wouldt let anyone hold it . and she like runs up the trail and sits in the middle of it and starts plain with this toad. then she was all dirty we thought it was fuckin hillarious. but then we were there for a wile and i remember that me an dstephanie left the park and went back to randy house and we saw his sister amanda and i dont no how but she had shrooms to and we sat up in her room and we smoked the shrooms cause she promised her boy friend that she wouldnt eat tem we got that on video to. then out of no ware jade shows up it was crazy so everone was back so we went dowstairs and we were all smoking our cigaretts and we were all taliking and we like thought that my hair was spaggatti cause it reall looked like it i dont no it was crazy. and missy was in the bathroom later and she was on the floor on this rug and she thought that she was floating like the ground was marsh mallows.but after that i dont really remember to much. i just remember the next day i woke up at krystle's house i dont even remember going there. she told me that i showed up there like early that morning and like was freaking out. and then i like went upstars an dpassed out in her bed. but thats about all i remember from that time. it was crazy but i loved it.

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