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My First Mushroom Trip.

My first mushroom trip happened about a year ago (in the summer of 2003).

My first mushroom trip happened about a year ago (in the summer of 2003). I Hadn't planned this day at all. I thought it would just be a normal day. I started off by phoning up my buddy Devin. We met up on main and Jefferson at an old shut down Esso station. we skated there for about 2 hours, when yet another buddy of mine showed up. He happened to have about 5 grams of mushrooms. I had did a little pot smoking seshion before going to esso, i might add. I took my time thinking if I actually wanted to try these phycadelic mushrooms. I had never tried anything as mind expanding as these. after about 30 minutes, I decided to experiment with these mushrooms. I was fine for about 20 minutes...i could still feel the marijuana high, but i never noticed any hallicinations yet. 5 minutes after that, i had never been so happy in my life. Everything was looking good to me...nothing was wrong in my life. I noticed i was laughing for a loooooong time. I just stood at the esso station, not knowing where my skateboard was, just staring at the ground...what felt like 2 seconds, i was actally staring at the ground for about 5 minutes...i was definatley experiencing mushrooms at this time. the ground was so amuzing to me, i could sit and stare there for hours. We decided to go to this community center where they had a kiddy pool. the pool was shut down, so we could skate in there. I wasn't sure where we were going at this time, but i was following my friends. When we got there, it was around 7:30 PM. I had no clue where or what i was doing at this time. i could never keep track of anything. i Had a friend of mine make sure i had everything that i had when i started off. so, now this is the part where the hallucinations start to kick in. another of my friends joined us. He knew i was tripping out on something...and he told everyone to crowd around him, and he told something to all of them, except me. after the crowd broke up, he came up to me and said "Chris, I am going to put an invisible box over you head", I thought "the old fashion box over your head trick", and i reassured myself that i would not trip out. He put it over my head, and he started to fake talk...like, move his lips, but not actually make a sound, and so did everyone else. I laughed, and told them to shutup, and i wasn't going to fall for it...but then i noticed tears filling my eyes. I sat down, curled up into a ball, and started to cry. I didn't know why in the hell i was doing this. He took the box off my head, thank God and told me it's alright. I was frightened. about the time we were leaving the pool (maybe around 8) I was seeing some really weird things...the sky wasn't the normal color..trees were waving at me, and the grass was a lighter shade of yellow. at this time, the group seemed to multiply, it seemed like there were more kids follwoing us. i turned around, and noticed a man, just standing there, In white. He was wearing all white, but he had red eyes. I sat down in the middle of the road, and cried my eyes out. We went to my friends house at this time. i was definatley coming down from the high. i was still experiencing some little hallucinations. I can vaguely remember this one hallucination that creeped me out. my friend was sitting on the couch, and all of a sudden the couch just shook and he stayed the same...it's kind of hard to explain, but it was weird. no matter how hard i tried, at this time, i could not feel comfortable, no matter which way i sat. I phoned my mom, and told her i was sleeping over, but she said "no", i had to be home in 10 minutes...This really made me paranoid. i knew my pupils were still dialated and stuff. I went home, scared as hell, and ran upstairs into my room as fast as i could. I had to sleep with my mom that night, i was creeped out. i didn't get to sleep till about 4 in the morning. (p.s. If you are taking mushrooms at arounf 5:00 PM, don't be planning to get to sleep around 6 in the morning).

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