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My First Mushroom Ex

My trip can be classified as nothing but religious.

My trip can be classified as nothing but religious. I'll start with how many shrooms I ate. As I am a novice, bear with me. Around 11:00 on a Sunday night, I ate five 2 1/2" long stems and three caps. Noticing that the taste was awful, I slapped them in a peanut butter sandwich, which covered it up quite nicely. After ingesting them, I sat back and waited. Like I said, I am a novice. After twenty minutes, I began to get anxious, so I took a few hits of marijuana. I then went to make sure my parents were asleep (I just graduated from high school) and I grabbed a coke out of the fridge. Still, not much but the buzz from the marijuana. 11:30 - Went back down intio my room and flipped on the tube. Watched Bob Odenkirk and David Cross on Comic Relief 8... they were hilarious (probably drug enhanced). Still, not much was happening. Arliss came on next and around halfway through it, I began to feel gassy and giddy. The dim lights in my room seemed to grow brighter, so I shut them off and lit up some candles. I began to really feel the shrooms around 11:50. I shut the television off, and layed down on my bed. My body was growing warmer... it felt like an emptiness was gone from my chest and replaced with a warm, fuzzy feeling. I began to giggle like mad. Standing up, I noticed it had started raining outside. I opened up my window and stretched my hand out to feel the rain. It felt amazing... cleansing. Shutting my window, I noticed that my screen was warping... sort of almost breathing. I found this fascinating and played with it for a few minutes before being distracted by my tye dyed shirt in the candlelight. At first I thought that my breathing was making it move, so I took it off and layed it out on my floor. I then watched it breathe, just as my screen did. Laughing, I put it back on, and decided to check out my hands. After staring at them for a few seconds, they started getting splotchy reddish colors on them, and my fingers seemed to grow longer. The warmth in my chest grew to my limbs, and slowly to my head. I flipped the television back on, and the HBO animation series Spawn was on. I watched it intently. I noticed that I was much more emotional than I usually am... the damn cartoon moved me. After that was over I checked myself out in the mirror. My face looked froggish... what really caught my attention was the color of my eyes (the little color that was showing), which is usually aqua, had turned bright green, like they were glowing. My elation continued to grow, and I found myself excited by this new reality. It felt as if I was waking up from a dream, for the first time realizing what I truly was. I kept babbling on about how human beings were animals and we were way off the right track. This wasn't that unusual, as I think this way all of the time, but my feelings grew. I began to think that we should all return to the jungles like our ancestral primates, and we could live forever in prefect harmony. I kept repeating over and over again "God, thank you." even though I don't believe in a god. Strange. I then ran outside. The rain felt amazing on my skin, and rainbow colors were glinting off of the wet pavement. I ran around, spinning and laughing and thouroghly enjoying myself. I began to feel a love for all things... my parents especially. I went back inside, and went upstairs. I caught myself before I went in their room. I wanted to wake them up and tell them I loved them badly, but my rational mind still worked somewhat and I realized that this might not be a good idea. I went back down to my room and put on Sap by AIC. The music was lulling, and made me lay down on my bed. I continued to think about the love I was feeling, and began to analyze people in general. I came to the conclusion that humans acted the majority of the time on fear, and that if we didn't fear anything we could get much more done. I realized that I didn't fear anything while in the bemushroomed state. I looked at my paneling, and saw faces forming in the knots... faces that sort of resembled Hindu art, which was cool. The other parts of the paneling looked like it was flowing. I drank alot of water after that, like four or five glasses. I can't remember much after that... there is a hazy spot after drinking the water and lying back down on my bed. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:10! Tired, I lay there in the darkness, but theere was a buzzing in my head that wouldn't go away. I stripped off all my clothes and lay there in the darkness. I felt so small and animalistic... but I felt sheltered. Sheltered and secure. That was my trip. All through it I felt that I was awakened, and that I would be changed forvever, but I wasn't. I long for that feeling again. I was complete.

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