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Titanic in Jamaica

I went on spring break with my family to Negril, Jamaica.

I went on spring break with my family to Negril, Jamaica. My family includes my mom, dad, older brother(Jack) and younger sister(Amy). One night, the parents let us go out by ourselves, and so our trip began...

We began drinking Red Stripe beer early and watched the sun setting. It was beautiful...complete with a huge ship framing the sun extraordinarily as it went down. Then Jack, Amy and myself went to a bar to watch the championship game in the men's final four. Before it began, Jack thrust a bag in my hand and told me to split the contents with my sister. I shoved the bag into my pocket knowing it was something illegal. I grabbed Amy and dragged her to the bathroom. We crammed in a stall, I opened the bag and we ate the fresh mushrooms...they actaully were quite tastey.

We returned to the bar and waited for our trip to begin as the game got underway. About thirty minutes into the game, the players began to move very slowly and rythmically, almost as if they were moving to the rythem of my breathing. Suddenly, they were popping out at me, and the ball seemed to be alive. My sister and I couldn't take the noise, which seemed to increase, anymore, so we went outside.

We walked to the ocean and plopped down on the sand. Staring out into the pulsating ocean, we spotted the same ship that had framed the sunset earlier in the evening. Amy and I became convinced that it was the Titanic. We were just starring, when Amy became convinced that she could easily swim out to it and climb aboard. We waded into the water and decided it was time to dance. We ran all over the shore and in the water dancing, dancing, dancing for what seemed like hours, but was probably only minutes.

Then we sat on shore again. As we pointed out to the Titanic again, we noticed that our hands were incredible. Amy and I couldn't stop moving our fingers and starring at our hands in awe of how amazing they were.

After awhile, Amy and I went on a walk, just talking and not talking. We were harrassed by several drunk and high Jamaicans trying to proposition us for some Jamaican love, but we were pretty free to just walk anywhere we wanted without getting too freaked out by the noise. We once caught a glimpse of our shadows and became obsessed with watching them as we danced. I am sure people who saw us thought we were drunk as hell, but we were just experiancing everything as if it was the first time we had seen it.

Our ride arrived at about 12:30 to take us back to our hotel, so we went to find Jack. The ride home was about 30 minutes. It was incredible. The driver blasted DMX, so the music, coupled with the speed at which we were traveling, made it seem as if looking out the windows was a movie of some kind. Everything outside the windows of the car was plastic looking. We all sat in silence looking at the passing "museum" outside that looked so unreal.

Finally, we arrived back at the resort where our parents greeted us and wanted us to drink with them, but we were so exhausted from all that we had experianced, we had to crash.

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