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My 1st Time :]

My 1st time was really great.

My 1st time was really great. My trusted friend a long-time user of mushrooms came over with an 8th and a half. I started out eating about half an 8th and then wound up eating almost and 8th. But anyways we were just sitting in my living room waiting for it to start, just talking and flipping through channels on the TV, then all of a sudden it felt like i had swalled a dozen pain killers. My body high felt so good, then i looked around and everything seemed so much brighter and sharp. The TV had some movie on it with strange music that sounded really awesome, like it was going in my body and out. I then looked over at my fireplace, and the tile around it was now melting like wax from a candle, this went on for about 5-6 hours, me and my friend were just talking and tripping lol. I will for sure use again. Mushrooms are the greatest to me. :]]

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