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My 1st cylicyban expirience

One night, me and a friend of mine were tripping.

One night, me and a friend of mine were tripping. We had eaten five shrooms each, and we were at a party in the deep woods. My friend had strated to peak before me, I wasnt feeling much of anything. We left the large amount of people at the party, and went into the depth of the woods. We walked up a hill, and sat at the top of it. It was there where I first started to peak, we stared at the stars. The stars began to move, the moon quivered above my head, almost touchable. About an hour later, I smoked a joint. The marijuana greeted the shrooms very nicely. And I began to feel the highest ive ever felt before, outer body expirienced started to happen. You know when you sit indian style for a long time, your leg falls asleep, and after a while it gets numb, and you can't move or feel it. Then after a while you stand up and your leg feels very tingly inside. Well my whole body felt exactly like that all over. After a while on the hill, me and my friend went back to join the party, many people had left. There was about five of us still there, and we were all conversating, and trading ideas and stories with one another. All of a sudden I began to enter this little demention inside my mind. I tfelt like my eyes were rolling into the back of my head. Then out of nowhere, and just fell down, I hit the groung. I felt like I was dying, but it felt so good. I began seeing rays of purple, red, and neon greem, flash throught the air. I thought o myself, is this it? Was I about ot die? But this feeling, was so good, so intense, that I wasnt afraid, but yet in a way I was terrified. My friends os course ran to my rescue knowing that I had consumed a large mass of cylicyban, and they were scared for me. They asked if I was alright, and I said I was fine. As the night progressed, We left the party and went to another friends house. It was there where me and my buddy really started tripping. We had a flashlight, and we were in a pitch dark bathroom making faces at eachother. My friends face was so duranged and looked nothing like how he usually looked. He appeared to have missing teeth, and a huge forehead. I wanted to examine his teeth, for some reason in my head, I knew I could fix them. He slapped my hand away because fingers were in his mouth, and we exploded with laughter. We went to a nearby room and watched the movie "Stir of Echoes" This is a very wierd movie to watch when you are tripping. When the movie was over, We lit a candle, and watched as many different colors, and designs came from the flame, then we dosed off. It was quite an expirience, I will never forget it!

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