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Mushrooms, IRC, and Pink Floyd

OK, so let me start off with a little information about me.

OK, so let me start off with a little information about me. I'm 16, from Canada (not saying where), and am a big fan of progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Tool, and Rush.

Anyways, on to my shroom trip. My friend Shawn was the one who sold me my first batch. He had been telling me about some of his trips, and the things he had seen, such as walls moving in and out when he breathed, his face melting, and people downtown looking like cartoons. Being an occasional marijuana user, I thought it might be fun to try something new.

It was October 14th, Canadian Thanksgiving. We had the turkey the day before, so there were plenty of leftovers to cure munchies I might have. Since it was my first time, I didn't know what to expect. I took them at aproximatly 3:00 pm, and decided to go online while I wated for them to take effect.

I used mIRC, a internet chat program, to go and talk to some friends in a Doom (the computer game) channel. It had been about half an hour, when suddenly I noticed a bright pink flash out of the corner of my eye. I was a little scared, and decided to lay down on my bed for a while and listen to some music. My selection: Pink Floyd's "The Wall"

After about 2 minutes of staring at the ceiling, I started to notice a gradual warping motion. I had fiberglass panels on it, and the dots on it were swaying around (if anybody who reads this has ever played Quake, it was like being underwater). The CD had kicked into the song "The Thin Ice", and I wanted a little eye candy. I went online again and found a bookmarked page of fractals I had saved for just such an occasion. The first got boring after a while, the second one kinda looked like Buddha with a snarling monkey head when you looked at it sideways. It scared me, and I spent 5 min. fearing that Evil Monkey Buddha was going to kill me.

I eventually worked up the nerve to turn off the image, but now I had to deal with "Another brick in the wall, part two", and I was afraid that my grade two teacher was coming to opress me! I swung at the air with my guitar, feeling a little stronger than usual, and defeated her.

The next song I can remember was "Young Lust", and I lay back down on the bed again. As soon as it started, the room gave off a tremendious transformation. The walls were brighter, the blue paint more vibrant than ever! My little green lamp in the corner was shining pure white light onto the ceiling, making it turn into a rainbow. The energetic song put me into rapture, and I wished it would never end.

For the next few songs, which were quite depressing, I watched the ceiling, thinking to myself "No matter what happens in this trip we call life, I know the ceiling will always be there for me..." I know it sounds funny but at the time it was very reassuring. The final song on that side of the CD, "Goodbye cruel world", was the worst. I looked off the bed and down at the floor. The carpet had transformed into millions of tiny worms, slowly waiting to disintagrate me.

I slowly got up and put in the other side of the album. I felt a little better, and wasn't listenng to the words of the songs as much as I was listening to the guitar solos and keyboards. "Hey You", "Comfortably Numb", and "the pounding bass of "Waiting for the Worms" winded through my mind, making images of dragons for some weird reason.

The 2nd last song, "the Trial" didn't work so good on my mono system, so I turned it off and tried to find something equally stimulating. I wound up putting on Nine Inch Nails's EP "Broken". It didn't do much good, the words seemed so far away and meaningless, and the instruments were boring. I was chatting on IRC again, and I wound up being banned. I couldn't leave my room because my family would spot me stoned, and it was realy cold outside.

The high wore off at exactly 9:00 pm. I went upstairs, and had a bit of dinner, and felt good, knowing that I had safly had a great trip.

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