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time makes sense!!!

everyone said time makes no sense on shrooms it made more then enough sense!

everyone said time makes no sense on shrooms

it made more then enough sense!!!

i was connecting time with everything omg!!!!

i was turing life into math problems, i can find the probability that anything could happen by assosiation numbers with other things, but it would waste too much time to solve those math problems

the thing was that i consentrated ont his so much, that i didnt have time to enjoy my trip

earlier that day i "had sex" with a water fuacet, i went to drink water, it felt nice, so i started letting it touch my face and stuff, and it was kinda like making out

and soon enough i decided to take a risk and let it touch the tip of my ahir

that was like starting sex or sutmhing, it was so fucking good, after a little bit my hair was drenched in the water and it was like an orgasm, my friend then interupted me and the water fountain and it lost its good feeling slowly so i guess it had died

the end i was around bad people who made me feel bad, so i was liek sad during that part

i now know what its like to be that crazy scientist talking to himself hella nerotic trying to explain things he cant explain, my friends said i was hella stressed out and shit

and i couldnt speak normally either, i was only able to make sentences like "if u place object A at object B the displacement between two vectors is blah blah blah" it was insane, it was hella hard to me to talk normally to people

then i went out on my bmx bike and played on it for a while

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