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"Your the Devil"

my first and only time tripping was a crazy experience.

my first and only time tripping was a crazy experience. me and my friend/neighbor, rocko been wanting to take mushrooms for a long time. when we finally got our hands on them we went to my house to trip. we were very exicited to finally take them. we bought 1/8th for us both which brought only 3 mushrooms with the stems and caps. we both took one and 1/2 mushrooms and smoked a blunt. we just laid back and waited for the trip to come. as we waited we listened to the Common "like water for chocolate" cd (a very good album, no hardcore rap). about twenty minutes into the trip, i began feeling something strange in my stomach and the music was beginning to sound better. my friend began talking fast of how high he was feeling. we just couldnt stop laughing hysterically. sunlight coming into my room, made it seemed like if the walls were changing colors from beige to green to blue and so on. my ceiling looked as if i was looking through a kelidascope and my posters on the wall looked as if they were "breathing". i was feeling great at this point.
suddenly, i started feeling weird as if something bad was coming. so i looked over at rocko and his eyes were shut. i was worried because i began calling him and he wasnt answering. finally i shook him and he jolted up a started actin really weird. he kept on repeating the same things over and over. he would say lets go outside then he would get up try to open my door and then he would back down and then take off his shoes say something about how much he misses his friends and then put his shoes back on and repeat the same step as before. he did this about four times in a row. i thought i was tripping bad but i knew i wasnt cause i only took about 2 grams. he was also actin kinda gay which made me uncomfortable. we thought we couldnt go outside cause we thought that there was nothing outside and we would die if we went. i kept trying to figure out what was going on but everything seemed so complex. finally, we got enough balls to open my room door to go outside. my house was really dark and my living room seemed gloomy and sad. my mom's plants seemed to be melting right in front of my eyes.
we sat in my living room what seemed a very long time, talking about death and why did God put us here. i felt like there was no answers to anything trapped in my trip and life had no answers(really weird feelings).
my friend couldnt stop pacing around my house. he was talking to himself in the mirror and whenever i looked at him, he would just look at me as if he was in a trance. he was actin really weird and that was begginnin to agravate me so i yelled at him to calm the fuck down(big mistake!). i scared the shit outta him and all he said was "your the devil" and he ran ouuta my house. i didnt bother to go after him because my trip felt a lot better after he left. i went to my room blasted the music and shut off the lights to enjoy the rest of my trip. but i started to worry about him because i kept thinking the worst that maybe he's lost somewhere or that he hurt somebody or he got hurt. so i decided to go look for him. when i went outside i felt very cold and everything felt much bigger than usual(trees, cars, street,ect.). after a few stroll around the block i decided to call his house on my cell and when i did, his lil' brother told me everything that happened. he said that he came home talking some weird shit and he jumped on top of the tv in his house?! he also told me that his mom got scared and called 911 and that the ambulance took him. i was more scared that his parents would find out that i was with him because then they'll tell my parents.
when i went to the hospital that night,(about 5 hours after we took the shrooms)his mom told me that he couldnt remember anything and that he came home and told his mom that he loves his family. so it was more of a positive thing than negative. his mom was very happy because he opened his eyes after that and stopped being disobediant to his parents. i cant wait to double my dosage of mushrooms and do it again! Expect a second report from me, and maybe this time i'll hit level 4!

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