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Mushrooms B4 Going 2 Bed = Wild Dreams!

Here's a little trip report I thought I'd contribute.

Here's a little trip report I thought I'd contribute. I think it might be of interest to someone, since the situation is actually quite unique.

BACKGROUND: I was very excited about my first grow, a nice little harvest of P. Cubensis B+ strain. They had just finished drying, and I was admiring them as they sat in a pile on my desk.

Well, it was a weeknight, getting late, and not exactly a good time to party. The demands of the following day assured that. Despite my desire to experience an alternate reality, I used my better judgment and began to collect all the dried stems and tops into a Ziploc so I could put them into storage. Save them for another time.

Then the thought hit me -- what would happen if I took a little bit before bed? So that's what I did -- popped a couple stems in my mouth. Probably less than 0.5 grams. Then I put the rest away, went to my bedroom, and watched TV.

Time to go to bed -- lights out! Hmm...there's that characteristic racing/pounding heart feeling! And my thoughts seem to be distracted. I start to wonder whether the racing heartbeats are going to keep me awake. But the effect is minimal. Eyes closed, fatigue ensues. Sleep is coming. I drift off.

Here's the interesting part: at some point during my normal sleep cycle, I enter my dream state. I begin to have the most abso-fucking-lutely vivid dreams! So real, so rich and visual...

HERE'S THE DREAM: I am an individual, standing in a giant weathered rocky plain, sort of an ancient moor. Rolling hills in the distance, crags and rocks interspersed with mosses and grasses nearby. A strong wind blows. I stand motionless. The sky is cloudy, uncertain.

A woman's voice begins speaking to me. She begins to tell me a story of an ancient time. The tone and rhythm of her voice is spellbinding. It is by far the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my life -- just listening to her makes me want to weep at the beauty of her speaking.

She continutes to tell me about the ancient days, the days of conflict, power, horror, and triumph. My gaze changes, and as she speaks, I am brought to the edge of a cliff. Rising from the edge of the cliff, just beyond reach, is a Golden Sword floating horizontally across a blood red velvet tapestry.

The sword is decorated with filigree and inscriptions -- the level of craftmanship is breathtaking. The woman continues to speak, to introduce me to this object and all it represents...

Anyways, this goes on and on and the details begin to become indistinct. My dream memory fades past this point...

When I remembered this dream in the morning, it took my breath away. Remembering this woman's voice again almost brought tears to my eyes. It was very moving and spiritual.

Take this experience as you will. Merely a vivid dream, or a mushroom-enhanced sleep journey...?

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