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Mushies And Rush(Amyl Nitrate)

Age-36,but about 18/19 when I had the trip.

Age-36,but about 18/19 when I had the trip.
Weight-about 10 stone(lightweight)
Setting-Down some local country lanes,about 7 p.m.,October,just as it is going dark.
Company-2 very good friends(a VERY important factor,the MOST,actually)
Dose-270 fresh(picked that day)liberty caps.

Right,I'd had plenty of mushy/lsd trips up till now(about 100 mushy trips,about 50 acid trips),and I'd thought I'd seen it all(until I'd been into the nirvana/void thing on acid,but that is a different story.)In fact,I had taken up to 500/600 fresh liberty caps before this trip,eaten fresh(the best way,and a fucking right task in itself,but I always found the harder it was to take them,and the worse I felt when going up,the better the trip),and I thought that they couldn't get any stronger-they'd seemd to plateau.

But,just co-incidentally,a few days before,I acquired a bottle of Rush(very appropriate name,actually),and me and my mates were just messing about with it,sniffing it when we were stoned,that sort of thing.I then thought,"I wonder what this would be like on mushrooms?",and I kept the rest of the bottle.

A few nights later,me and my 2 mates were,walking up a country lane-going up,fast,when we started to approach Bryn Estyn home,a big house,in the tudor fashion,black and white...think Chester.I was just about starting to peak,and I thought,"Hey,what about the Rush?",so I started sniffing it.Now,I was already hallucinating strongly,and when I sniffed the Rush...nothing.But then,10 seconds later,I started feeling the pump,my head getting hotter.

Then,BOOM!I'VE NEVER HALLUCINATED SO FUCKING STRONG BEFORE!It felt as though the carpet was pulled from under me!I was staggering!It made the hallucinations about 5,maybe 10 times stronger.(I've tried it with about 100/150 mushies,and it is still stronger than 500 without the Rush.But curiously,when I tried it with less than 100 mushies,the effect wasn't the same.It seems that you have to have a full blown trip,a "critical mass".AND,more curious,it doesn't work with LSD.Too pure,man made,perhaps?))

The big old house/home,looked mystical,and the lane I was walking down was long and straight and lined with bushes about 10/12 foot high,and they all morphed into 10 feet high orcs,bi and muscle bound,as though they were standing to attention and I was inspecting them.

Synaesthesia or what!(On another day trip,same location,me and 5 others were walking down the same lane,with a tap recorder playing Hawkwind,which was drowned out by this really loud mechanical noise.None of us knew what it was at the time,as it was hidden behind the bushes,so then I started seeing what I was hearing...everything started shaking,like in a 70's eathquake movie,and the mosaics on the ground were just shaking everywhere.I was pulling my hair out with excitement!I'd only had 130 mushies,but this was really intense!Oh,and it was the first trip of the season,end of July.)I never even knew what it was before then,or only mildly.And,I felt psychic.As stuff was going into my memory,eg.my friends speaking,I could say what they were saying as they said it,a sort of loop between me,my memory,and my surroundings.But the hallucinations!I can't describe them.But I can say that I hallucinated in full daylight on other trips,and that night(above),I had my first(and only)full blown,true hallucination out of thin air.As me and my mates were passing a field full of cows,I said to my friends"Wow,I can see a massive cow in that field!"The reply was"Yes,the field is full of cows,"to which I replied,"No,this one is about 50 foot high and 100 foot long!"And as I looked at it,it seemed to go backwards in time,turning into a calf,and then a massive springer spaniel with a ball on its nose,circus-seal style.

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