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munched+smoked amanita, and lots of marijuana

Ive done high doses of everything from ayahuasca to lsd, but no further in the synthetic (man made)direction.

Ive done high doses of everything from ayahuasca to lsd, but no further in the synthetic (man made)direction.
However, Amanitas were always too much for me to take orally. They cause a paridoxical feeling that I had never felt before. Something about the synesthesia mixed with the drunken-dreamlike-delerium experience. Also, it is coupled with a stunningly sober feeling, such that it relates closely to lucid dreams,(not that Ive ever really communicated with my dreams during sleep).
I would take 1.5 grams or less of the amanita orally, and then smoke a fat bowl of heady marijuana. As if this combo isn't interesting enough by its self, I would then smoke toke after toke of amanita with pot mixed in, but mostly amanita smoke there after. It produces some unique, and wild circulare visuals if done this way. The smoked amanita hits a peak at a similare time as marijuana but lasts longer.
Smoked amanita mixed with marijuana seems to melt you into an opiate-like comfort as you sink into your couch for one third of a day unlike if you did so, coupled with an oral dose.
What one would do for fun on this oral+smoked mix I dont know, although one thing is certain. For a small time it initiates an inspired capasity to speak, much like psilocybin mushrooms or lsd, but then it gives way(like the sea parting)to stupor, and dream like fantasies.
So it is less compatible with sociability or typical good times. It is a dream-like hallucinogen and an obviouse deleriant. Which could kick your ass if your not carefull with multiple gram doses. I suggest one sits in the clear light of day and do this, its pretty emotional, soaked in synesthesia, yet as obtuse or as subltle as the world of dreams. I have some friends who wouldn't think this if they tried it, but my most experienced and intelligent friends think this drug is a less usefull ally, at the same time is unique, potentially interesting/scary, and a slippery slope.

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