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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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I was sitting in the park one daaaaay.

I was sitting in the park one daaaaay....

After chewing on some shroomey haaaaaay..

I was caught by surpriiiiiize...

I couldnt believe my fucking eyyyyyyyes...

A $10 sack of weed was miiiine!

Me, mex and whitey were farting and naming them on a nice sunny day at the park. We had a fun filled MORNING of shrooming and now it was 2 pm. I was drinking gatorade (like I always do) and cuttin the nastiest molecule/atom burning farts available in my arsenal. From far and near, male and female were vastly disgusted with my natral abilities. I wanted a nice cold beer but I know that I'd puke it all because we were all shroomey and figety. If I can drink beer, then I'll smoke some...I started to feel like a drug addict, but I realized that I work alot and seldome get to come out and play on nice days like this with my freinds. I felt bad that I left MOE jr at home. Old whitey is alergic to animals and we rode in his car. I showed my 'spect.

Just as I realized that I was coming down, I saw the fucking strangest activity: Two fucking white dudes did a drug deal right in front of us. I and whitey saw it. I noticed that one of the guys dropped a $10 sack of weed. I calmly walked over, acted like I didnt see it at first, then played like I was surprized when I did see it, and picked it up...I looked at it with a frown on my face and ( I was really checking to see if it was seal tight---yep) tossed it into my 1/2 empty gatorade bottle, then shook it ( acting like I was destroying it) then crushed it and screwed the lid on. I tossed it and started to walk away. the police on their PUSSY ass pacific blue type bikes came racing along and did a COOOL drvie by tackle on the guy who dropped the weed. They aknowledged to me that they saw what I did with the weed and assumed the weed was destroyed. THE SAME COP THAT WAS PRESENT IN MY LAST ALTERCATION when I fought this guy who was brutalizing this girl named kelly was one of them, so I was REALLY OK with the fuzz this time..I heard a scuffle, and the guy who dropped the weed was going toe 2 toe with the cop!!! The cop was going to loose because I think he sprained his wrist when he tackled the suspect. Me and the other cop dashed to the rescue....Drugs were falling off this guy like rain water. I decked the guy right on the right cheek bone and he caught me in the belly. I fell and was out of wind so I decided this was the chance to go retrieve the weed....wuuuuup! Too late, Mexican was already strolling away with the bottle I had...I smiled and it suddenly turned into a frown when the drug guy stomped me in the nutz while wrestling with the cops..This guy was SMALL but dudes, I think he would have kicked my ass if we fought one on one. I was furious when he stomped my crotch in a last effort to get back at me. I kinda pushed past the cops and grabbed the guy's tee shirt, then I picked him up and took a HUGE 5 steps over to the same trashcan I tossed the weed in. I slammed him in head first. I looked behind me and the cops had stopped and just sorta watched. Whitey was going nuts while mex was trying to get him to shut the fuck up because he had the weed bottle. I noticed mex's wet hands. Must have been from getting the weed out of the bottle.

The little tough guy was KO'ed (my first one). Again the police thanked by name..That shocked the shit out of me. I helped the other police officer with his arm taking his pads off of his bike and splinting his arm but a med unit showed up and the lead medice seemed to be impressed with the way I was treating his sprain/break/whatever..I then realized that a crowd had formed around us and I got a cheer, and the police officer I helped gave me his badge!!!

Some woman who was jogging along and whatched the whole thing ran one of the local T.V. stations. She wanted to get me on T.V. said she was going to try to call the mayor to get me a hero for a day dinner with him...I was thinking that I just wanted to smoke dope and that's how I ended up in this whole jam.. whatta fuckin day.Later, Me and the boys smoked the weed and were imperssed..I need to see where that weed came from...It was POTENT!!

MOE THE MAD SCIENTIST>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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