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mind expanding TRIP

I live in seattle, it was a cold first day of spring break.

I live in seattle, it was a cold first day of spring break. My brother had bought 2 8ths of amazonian shrooms. We were to split em up between me him and our firend andy. We went to our homie tony's apartment since his parents were gone and decided to eat them their. Bad idea! We each ate our quickly thinking that the effects would not be strong if we didnt. Within 5 minutes i could feel my legs go numb. Then tha hallucinations. The floors and walls were breathing heavily. And the aztec designs were all over tha place on everyone. I needed to get some freshair so i went outside by myself, and it looked like another planet. All the plants were moving as if they were alive reaching out for me. I was enjoyin tha solitude and beauty opf this drug, when out comes tha rest of tha party. My brother was quiet and so was andy i knew they were trippin hardcore like me. But everyone else had been drinking and were so fuckin annoying. I was so chilled out that i couldnt say anything mean to em or beat em up. But they were geting in my face and asking "are u trippin, whats it like". Dont ever do that to somebody on shrooms especially if its their first time. We then decided to go to a look out point of downtown seattle, but to do that we had to take the car. The ride would have been great if we didnt have to hear these drunk fags yellin tha whole time. hearing them talk about pussy and shit made me realize what i am like when im drunk and dediced to change how i am viewed by people. anyways tha view was great and tha lights were crazy, the spacce needle looked so awesome i could have cried. But then we decided to leave becuase their were families and little kids at tha look out and we were all fucked up. We then got dropped off at my house which was such a releif. I started to feel alot better and we decided to try to draw some pictures while watching mtv2. I tried to draw but couldnt i drew some wierd looking mountains and was so tired i went to sleep. but that wasnt very successful becuase i was thinking about so much shit about life. Its wierd knowing that one day itll be lights out u know....that one day ur life will end and u might not have done anything important or special. So now i mak emy life worth while, enjoying sights all tha time and meeting new people while being tha best person i can to tha ones i already know. Also i have met a hott ass girl who is now my girlfirend, i feel that shorooms shoudl be experienced at least once, i decided to do em 4 times but it just makes u that much more special because it unlock tha truth about life.

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