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mind altering substances

Ever since I was little, I have found interest in the movies that involve sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Ever since I was little, I have found interest in the movies that involve sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I could never explain why, but I was always intrigued and curious to be honest on how these drugs worked, why the worked, and how they made you feel.
I started out like most kids, huffing gas on occasion with the buddies. Yes this story is about mushrooms, but i must get to that first. I remember one day my friend and I went to the shed to huff a little gas. It was his first time and he loved it. I had my first trip that day, i was sitting on a wagon as he sat on the lawn mower, and all i remember was sitting there with the gas can to my nose and huffing the shit out of it. The next thing that happened was the best shit ever... i dazed into a different world... everything was pixelated like in super mario brothers. It looked kinda like the scene in Duck Hunt for nintendo. Just then i shit you not mario appeared out of nowhere with a watermelon. He walked to me and dropped the thing on my foot. Just then I woke out of my daze and i had dropped the gas can on my foot. I was completely freaked out but as i said earlier, still curious.
I graduated to pot smoking several years later around the age 14. Those were the days... gotta stay high. I no longer did gas anymore (even though i did it no more than 20 times) but now i found a better, more long-lasting high. I often found myself breaking out a blunt or two and putting it in a line and would smoke bowls until it was gone. The greatest buzz i got was smoking until that black-out sensation arose where everything fades to black and sounds become distorted, but it feels oh so good. I always had told myself eversince i graduated to weed that it wouldnt go no further, but i always found myself saying... Ok, i'll try THIS maybe once, but thats it. Well i wont tell you all the other things of done, but i will tell you now about the first time I came across my mushroom buddies...

...me and a friend went to nelson ledges to the quarry (for all my ohioan hippies i give a shout out!). Well for those that havent experienced the Quarry, it is a lake to swim in formed by cliffs and shit. Concerts are often held there and almost every friday you can find any kind of drug you want there, admission:5 dollars to

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