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Mildly Tripin

It was my second trip on mushrooms.

It was my second trip on mushrooms. My first was way more intence(Trppin Hard) but i still loved this one too.
It was last april around my birthday. I had a pile of money and just couldent decide on the drug i wanted. Shrooms weed or good ol' beer. After carfully considering the amount of money i had and the amount of people, i thought i would buy 100 bucks in shrooms. I had 40 bucks on me at the time and was getting 60 the next day i heard there was some deals so i went out looking.
To make a long story short of all the waiting and pre trip excitment(smokin weed) we sat around an waited for a hook up. We being me and 5 other people who had each put some money it. It totalled 110 bucks so we figured we would have a nice fat bag between all of us. That wasent the case. We got our bag and to say the least. WE WERE RIPPED OFF! (thats why i hate small over priced town shrooms) So what the hell.. we were all pissed off and i was most pissed cuz i put the most amount of money in. So i decided why not just take them then. I muched back a large stem and a cap.
After that we walked to the store bought some munchies. We left the store and headed back to my house. We passed the time with some good ol techen 3. I was kicking ass when the shrooms hit. The screen became a blur of dancing colors. I laughed and put the controller down and went to look at my self in the mirror. My eyes were huge! they difinatly kicked in. the rest of my friends were also feeling there small doses except one person who knew it was to little to get him high. We headed into my room where i turned my black light on. I had a poster with a grimreaper and a skeleton in it. When the black light is on it made the moonlight look real! It was a soft blue glow. me and my friends start at it. sudenly we all started screamin! It was breathing! The grim reaper in the poster was breathing! I looked closer and his grin widend! we all ran out laughing, knowing that we were enjoing our little trip. We decided to go for a walk, on the way out i grabbed a bottle of whine. Somthing to make the trip a little stronger. So we drank that down and were all in good moods now despite the rip-off. it was dark now and we walked down a path that had lights low to the ground. It imediatly tripped all of us out. We layed down on the dry grass and looked up at the trees. The lighting was very cool and made me feel very calm and happy. We sat around chatting for a bit then got up and went to sit on a fence. The shrooms hit me more. I felt my stomach lurch and i laughed. Then i got the mega giggles. sitting was no longer good enoug for me .. i had to lay on the thin fence! I layed down keeping my balance and just laughed. Every one looked at me suprised to see i was trippin so good of so little. My friends talked a bit and then a cop car passed us.. We all looked at each other in suprise.. then my friend spoke up with a brilliant idea... get the popo to chase us! We set about or new mission imediatly. The cop car circled again... when we were sure it saw us we bolted up a trail. The cop car sped up then slowed when it came near. We ran again. We were all laughing and having a good time. we waited for it to pass again. While we waited we saw some friends. They wrere drunk outa their minds. They said they had somthing nice to show us ... thats when they pulled out a HUGE bag of shrooms! they paid the same as us and got way more! We were pissed off. so they took their shrooms and headed off. We ran out in front of the cops and got them to chase us to the other side of town. We were standing around near a store when we decided to go on top of the building. We all walked around on the roof laughing and making jokes about falling. We sat up there and tripped out on the stars when the cops bulled up right below us! i freaked out! my friends climed down a tree on one side and got away before the cop got outa her truck i panicked! i was freaking out ! here i was high on shrooms on top of a building with the cop about to bust me! my friend yelled my name and told me to fallow him. He ran to the other side of the bulding .. and leaped off!!!! i couldent belive it! He landed and kept running! it was at least 15 feet down! I more carfully tried to lower my self but slipped. On the way down my legs got caught on a pipe and i was turned sidways. After landing hard on the ground i got up and ran to my friends who where all laughin there asses off. We noticed a friend of ours was missing! we waited a short while and he came walking towards us smiling. the cop had talked to him! he told us how he was trippin out talking to her ... we laughed and move on... we headed towards the old swamp which had now been turned into a basball feild. We waited for the cops to drive by again. The road was a good distance away. When we saw the cops we all dropped on the ground. We laughed cuz the cop noticed us and stopped. He turned on his lights and got out of his truck and looked out at the feild. It was dark and we were well hidden downlow. He looked and walked back and fourth. we were killing our selvs laughing. sudenly one of my friends jumped up and yelled "UH OH!" in teh funniest voice! We all got up and bolted for the nearby woods. The cop watched us then simply drove off.... that was the end of that so we walked around and chilled for awhole. The stonned feeling had gone away now and it had been a fun night. I had been tripping for about 3 hours of wich i felt really good for 2. I went home and slept a peacful sleep.
On this trip i did not have any strong visuals cept the one in my room and the body effects were minor but it was still fun and kept me in a good mood. It is a one because i was still sober enough to talk and understand things. Be sure to read about my first trip i will soon be posting.
ill call it... Trppin Hard hope u enjoyd my little story

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