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Tim Armstrong and I

this is what happened.

this is what happened. i took about 2 1/2 grams at about 8:00 or 8:30 pm. it was also my frist time doing shrooms but i loved it. At first (around 9:00-9:30 pm) my vision was going all fucked up and shit the it hit me out of nowere. i was at a friends house where i began tripping. my friend started to turn into a rat and there was pumpkins every were (it was halloween night). all i could see is just pumpkins and out of nowere i heard Rancid songs playing in the background. Tim Armstrong appeared and we started singing "radio" (a song by rancid). he had a mohawk and we were at some big concert and everyone in the moshpit had pumpkins as heads. then i went home where my sister tripped me out hardcore. she started to lick the wall in my room and it looked like she was eating it. it was fucked up but cool. i sat down and when i tryed getting up she said that i cant get up because she has chained me to the sofa and that my legs are attached to the floor. she is the worst person to be with while tripping. then Tim came out again and we chilled for a while. then about 6 hours later i tryed to go to sleep but i ended up falling asleep at 5 in the morning. my trip lasted 8 hours and it was the wackiest thing ever. it ruled. i love shrooms!
if u wanna email me its ihopot@hotmail.com
see ya
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