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looks smart to me

a little while back me and a friend eat a whole 2 ounces of mushrooms in one night.

a little while back me and a friend eat a whole 2 ounces of mushrooms in one night. It all started by picking them up first then comes the fun part after munching away at them for a little while we became sick but i just kept eating them. Once we were finished it was only a few minites tell it started working. The first affect i noticed was every thing started to look like it had little bitty hairs on it with a fan blowing them around. It was really fucking weird! It was assume, but little did i now, it was yet to be assumer! I started walking to the door to use the bathroom then all of a sudden i saw my shadow on the wall it was grim, twisted, and dawn right just fucking wrong! It scared the hell out of me damnit. So finily i get to the waving bathroom of torment and realised that ther was nothing to be affrade of. "It was alright" i said to my self. But yet again i felt realy fucking invenceble me and my friend nearly killed each other and we probably would have if we were a little more courdinary. But im glad i wasn't for once. Then came the good shit kicking in more and more. As i set and chilled with my friend i notest that when the stroublight flashed and i looked at the walls it looked like a snowy TV screen! it was fucked up. Then we got up and walked outside and i walked out the side door so we wouldn't get cought. As we get outside my friend asked me if it was clear, i said "Fuck yeah!looks smart to me" and we laught about that a while that was some funny shit! Then a little later my friend asked me if his dog looked smart to i said "Fuck no,its a damn dog!!" what was so funny about that is after i said that his dog looked at me and barked. We was like WHAT THA FUCK!!!! And thats that whole bit.

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