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Look into my eyes

I had been anticipating this night for some time.

I had been anticipating this night for some time. Two of my good friends and I had a great open house to trip at. We each devoured slightly more than eight of some youngin cubensis. Peanut butter is excellent for masking the taste. Not even an hour later i began to cross over. I put on my headphones and went into a dim room. I was lisetening to the Mars Volta, some of my favorite musicians, especially for tripping to. I saw demon faces manifests from the wood grain floor and spin their eyes at me. Sometimes this stuff used to freak me out, but with each trip Iv'e become more fearless, and push the envelope further. The spirits were acknowledging my presence, and I put myself out to see whatever they might show. I layed down on the bed, the feelings were so intense my heart was racing. It was even quite erotic at points. Looking in the other world, with my eyes closed I could feel something touching me, entering my mouth, seducing me. For a while I lay by myself soaking it all in, squeezing my brain. One of my friends wanted to see me so we went to fry in another room. On a few previous trips i had been toying with a powerful thing, eye locking. I had been telling my friend about what an intese experience it is, hard to explain. Now I would show him. In the slighlty lit room i told him to just stare into my eyes. I locked onto his completey wide open, hard stare. We went into a trance. I call it an eye lock, because when i get into this i don't want to take my eyes off. I felt completely connected, as if we were trading places, or somehow exactly the same in the moment. It's always difficult to put these amazing experiences in words. I just highly recomend that you shroom with some people you're comfortable with and try locking eyes. It is one fucking trip. You may start to see that humans are far more capable of amazing abilities that you did not know before. So on went the night; periods of hard stares, beautiful colors, smoking bowls, feelings of being one with all, astonishing visions, and beautiful pure truth. I saw things in terms of good and evil, truth and lies, giving and taking. You only see what you want to see. The more honest you are with yourself, the more you can accept, and acceptance of truth will set you free.

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